Saturday, October 4, 2014

Review...Wednesday by: Clare James

Wednesday4 stars! Review copy provided by author. I will never think of Wednesday's the same again. WHEW!!

***slight spoilers***

Aria (h) is a recent divorcee and single mom at 21. When everything falls apart she takes her and her son Cade back to her home town in Florida deciding to stay with her mother. She knows people talk in her small town and she will be the new gossip for a while especially because her ex husband was the star football player and knocked her up their senior year. Now he's about to be signed and she is back. 

Tristan (H) was the town nerd not interested in sports, very into computers, and Aria's best friend...until Alex, then everything changed. Three years later he is back in Florida from LA to take care of his sick father. His once lanky body filled out and he became more confident and successful. He's gorgeous. 

What Aria and Tristan don't anticipate is to run into each other again. Once best friends are now bitter enemies, but feelings resurface and neither of them know what to do about it. They hate each other but want each other. Tristan comes up with a plan...every Wednesday they will spend together and fulfill each others needs. ;)

Once they go about their Wednesdays, feelings start to come into play and just when they think something more might be there Alex returns.

I really liked this book but I wanted more! What happened to Alex? I'm not going to write all the things I wish we could of got more of for fear of spoiling anything. It wasn't too angsty, pretty damn hot and actually kind of sweet. There were definitely times I wanted to kick Tristan and tell him to wake up and just communicate. I liked the characters and fell in love with Cade. In the acknowledgements Clare James wrote that this was for all the single mothers and I completely agree, it's too bad not everyone could find a stand up guy like Tristan.

I recommend

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