Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Review...Tattoos & Tatas by:Tara Sivec

Tattoos and Tatas (Chocoholics, #2.5) 5 stars!  

During the month of October, 100% of the proceeds from Tattoos and Tatas will be donated to breast cancer awareness. Only $1.99 on Amazon!

Tara Sivec had me laughing and crying in the same chapter. This book is told from Liz's POV after finding out Claire her best friend, her person, and her soul mate has stage two breast cancer. Now if you don't know Claire and Liz get to in the Chocolate Lovers Series (one of my favorites). Liz goes from past to present reminiscing about their crazy friendship. And you get little snidbits of what was going on with her during Seduction and Snacks and even Futures and Frosting which was cool. 

Liz can not come to terms with the fact that Claire has cancer and pulls away from her instead of being by her side. One of my favorite parts and quotes is when Claire finally gives her a reality check.

"You don't think I'm reminded of this fucking disease every damn time I take a breath or look in the mirror? Every time I open my eyes, every time I MOVE it's there, trying to bring me down. It's all I fucking think about and you pretending like it's not real is what's really killing me."

"You still don't get it! This isn't about YOU! You can't fix it, you can't make it better, you don't know what to say , you don't know what to do. YOU, YOU, YOU! This is happening to ME, Goddammit and I just need my fucking friend."

These were some of my favorites from Claire so real and raw.

Liz takes some time and finally figures out what she can do to be there for Claire and try to make things better between them...laughter. And this book is filled with it.

I am the girl who laughs and inappropriate times. I've been known to laugh til I was crying/snorting at funerals so this hit close to home for me on some personal aspects in my life. If you can't laugh and share fun silly memories with friends and family at tough times that what do you have?

Quote from author: "It's okay to laugh, even when faced with something scary."

I loved this book and it supports a great cause. I highly recommend.

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