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Review...Unbreak Me by: EJ Logan

Unbreak Me Review copy provided by author.

I'm having a hard time rating this one. The beginning of this book had my stomach in my throat and started off really promising. Then it kind of turned into the typical  romance...wealthy guy, older, doesn't do relationships or bring women to his bed but whores around. I wish it focused on Ari (h) more and her hardships. Don't get me wrong there were parts I loved about this book too. So I'm going to start with the good and end with the things that bothered me. Let me start by writing a little about it.

After graduating from Yale with a degree in architecture Ari is headed home. She can't wait to get home and see her long time boyfriend Kyle. Kyle and Ari have known each other since they were ten and have been a couple since they were sixteen. The long distance relationship has been hard on them both, but more so Kyle. When Ari receives a call at the airport before she boards everything changes.

A year has past and Ari is ready to move out of her moms and get a job in San Francisco doing something with the degree she attained. Before she knows it she lands a job, and a place to stay.

Caleb (H) has had a very emotional upbringing and finds himself too afraid to love. So instead he sleeps around and won't let anyone in. Caleb is a gorgeous architect who just so happens to be one of her best friends cousins and her new roommate. Right away there is a mutual attraction and flirtation between the two of them. Caleb decides not to let it go past friendship and warns Ari off. They soon become close friends...but will their feelings get in the way? And will they be able to help heal the other?

Okay, the first few chapters of this book I loved, everything that happened between Kyle and Ari was well written and I really felt the emotion. I do wish we would have gotten a glimpse of little things that year she was living at home to connect with her more emotionally. I loved Ari and Caleb's phone conversations and their initial meeting. I felt that immediate attraction they had for each other...and oh how I felt for Ari when she would see him with another girl. I really loved Tess and thought she was fun and a great friend; Aiden as well, he was well written and a pretty stand up guy. I found myself rooting for him at first.

I was a little confused how Tess and Jake's relationship was written in the book. It almost felt to me like I was missing something and I checked to make sure there wasn't a book about them first. I loved them as a couple I just felt like Ari was recapping their story from another book. Now I like cocky H's but not over the top cocky more of a subtle cocky I guess, so to me Caleb became a little too full of himself.

Caleb: "I think every girl in the place had their eyes on us. Who could blame them when that many good looking guys walked in at once. I was used to it though, this happened anytime we went out together." 

I know this is fiction, but when do you see eight drop dead model gorgeous men together? And it seemed every guy Ari came across was ridiculously hot.

I was also starting to think that these are twenty eight year old men acting like a bunch of twenty one year olds so when Ari states, "I swear they act like a bunch of college kids. I mean some of the guys were nearing thirty." I was really happy the author wrote that in. I thought Tess was a much better friend than Callie was. Callie wasn't even honest or up front with Ari about Aiden which I thought was pretty shitty.  The epilogue with the whole added drama of Dan I thought should have just been a chapter and then the epilogue should of wrapped up their story.

I thought this was a good debut novel, there were editing errors throughout but that usually doesn't sway me one way or another. I guess I just wanted to connect with both the H and h more. I won't rate this because I truly do not know what to rate it. I didn't dislike the book and I read it in a day but I couldn't love it. And I won't bring down a rating because of my opinion. 

Thank you to the author for providing me a copy.

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