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Review and spotlight...The Passion Thief by: Anne McCarthy Strauss

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The tumble between the sheets can get a little stale and infrequent in some marriages. At least that’s what Betty Boomer tells herself at night, while Stan, her husband of two decades, snores upright on the couch. Emboldened by too much Chardonnay, she searches the Internet for her college boyfriend Michael, the proverbial one who got away. Memories of their youthful passion reignite a lust Betty thought had dried up long ago.

Michael responds to Betty’s cyber message, and temptation calls this globe-trotting freelance journalist. While Stan’s idea of excitement is staying up past ten o’clock on a Saturday night, Michael has evolved into a flashy Las Vegas casino manager with three ex-wives. Which man offers stimulation and which one brings monotony coupled with reliability is vividly clear.

Written with the yearning and struggle many women feel, Betty Boomer is not alone when she asks, “Is this all I need or should I take another shot at passion?” Author Anne McCarthy Strauss brings us her latest women’s fiction coupled with a large dose of romantic comedy and a dozen long-stemmed roses

My Review:
3.5 -4 stars
Review copy provided for an honest review

This was a very well written book. It touches on a subject that a lot of married people are afraid to talk about. Are you still in your marriage because it's comfortable and expected? Do you still love your spouse? Or for that matter did you ever really love them?

Betty's marriage has become a marriage without passion, without substance, they exist together and go about their daily life without connecting anymore.

Stan, Betty's husband is dedicated to his work and provides a good home and life to Betty but something is missing. They are no longer intimate and when they are it is "expected" holidays. birthdays etc. Betty begins to wonder what a relationship outside of Stan would be like, she begins to wonder about the "true" love of her life the one who got away. And at a particular lonely time she decides to google him and find him. Not before long they connect and start having an affair. Beth is living in the past and holding on to someone she knew when she was twenty. Michael her ex has changed in many ways and didn't become what she thought he would. But Betty can't let go, her and Michael have a spark and passion that she hasn't felt in a very long time. 

As Stan tries to improve their marriage Betty begins to question everything. Is she happy with Michael? Is she happy with Stan? Is she happy at all?

This book was somewhat emotional for me, I didn't know how to feel. I liked it and found it thought provoking but it was hard for me too. I can't say I really liked the characters but I understood them. I went from feeling nothing for all three of them to really feeling for them. That's what I think makes the writing so good, but the book itself isn't something I typically read. I'm a sucker for romance and a HEA and I'm not saying if this book did or didn't have that but it wasn't like I was rooting for anyone either. I wanted them all to be happy at certain points and I wanted them to all rot at certain points. I feel the characters were very self absorbed and even though time and time again Betty said Stan put her at the center of his universe, I really didn't feel like he did. Michael was just a mess and confused living twenty years ago and Betty didn't know what the hell she wanted.

I did like how it ended and how the author wrapped things up and even though this book was fiction it felt like a big dose of realty to me. I would definitely read more by this author, I just don't think I was fully prepared for the realness of this book. One thing I did hope for was a little more about Michael in the end.

I have to quote this because I found it to be very profound and right on point. 
Betty:  "I wanted to teach her that passion fades, but true love endures...that happily ever after can mean having someone to nurse you through a horrific illness...or leave the lights on until you get home. But that sometimes even those things aren't enough."

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About the author:

Anne McCarthy Strauss

Anne McCarthy Strauss is a writer of women’s fiction as well as articles for publications and corporate media.

Anne lives in upstate New York with her husband and their two dogs. She has written for both consumer and trade magazines including Old House Journal, Waterfront Home & Design, Design Trade Magazine, Design New England, Distinction, Log Home Design Ideas and Florida Design Review. She has been a regular contributor to Martha’s Vineyard Magazine and Vineyard Style. She is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA). Anne is hard at work on her next novel. When not writing, she’s likely to be hiking, kayaking, crafting, swimming, or walking her dogs.

To learn more, visit her at:

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Never Never by: Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

Never Never

Ooh! I am so excited to see what this is about. I preordered it but they ended up canceling all preorders because it unexpectedly is going to be a series now. It still will be released in January, (expected publication Jan. 11th) but will not be available for preorder. I can't wait to read this one...two of my favorite authors writing one book!!

Best friends since they could walk. In love since the age of fourteen. Complete strangers since this morning.
He'll do anything to remember. She'll do anything to forget.

Short and sweet.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Holidays are catching up to me!

I've been MIA a couple days but I'm currently reading an ARC of The Passion Thief. This is available now and I'll be reviewing shortly. Then lots of good stuff for the new year....

Happy Reading!!

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Book Blast!! 32 Seconds by: J.K. Pitcairn

To the average onlooker, the city of Los Angeles represents glitz, glamour, and the celebrity lifestyle. But to seventeen-year-old Julie Jones, the city is a vast host of problems she’s longing to get away from. The latest? An unfortunate disagreement with her ex-boyfriend Mark—one that could land her in some serious hot water.

So rather than face the troubles that torment her, Julie decides to run away from her old life and start fresh somewhere new. But her parents aren’t on board with the plan, and she soon finds her bank accounts frozen and her wallet empty.

With just seventy-five dollars and a full tank of gas, the troubled teen is far too stubborn to turn around and head home. So what’s a girl to do?

What Julie doesn’t know is that her travels are about to take her somewhere unexpected—a place where she’ll be forced to come face to face with the ghosts of her past in order to secure her future.

A tale of redemption, hope, and freedom lost and found, 32 Seconds is a thought-provoking exploration into the human spirit and the nature of forgiveness.

Available on Amazon

Random Fun Facts:
1) To trigger my inspiration, I binge on Netflix. I pick shows from any genre, and study the dialog and the plot. I also watch video game walkthroughs on YouTube. It's a great help to develop my characters.
2) I can't remember the last time I've had a bad case of writer's block. Plotting helps eliminate that issue. 
3) My biggest pet peeves: misspellings, grammatical errors, and inconsistent formatting. 
4) Julie Jones has named her car "Bubble", and when she swears, she says things like "shizzle", "shizzle nizzle" or "crapola in a peanut butter jar".
5) The original title for the first draft of the story, before it became 32 Seconds, was Death by Chocolate. 
6) Julie Jones loves In&Out burgers, and strawberry milkshakes. 
7) Julie is also a surfer. Her favorite beach is the one in Oceanside, CA. 
8) I'm a cat lover. I have four cats, and they all distract me from writing by taking turns and lying on top of my laptop.

About the Author:

Johanna K. Pitcairn has dreamed of becoming a writer since childhood--authoring her first novel at the age of nine, and countless poems, stories, and screenplays by the age of seventeen. Later, rather than pursuing a career as a director and screenwriter, she decided to go to law school, driven by her father's opinion that "writing does not pay the bills."

Ten years later, she moved to New York City, which inspired her to go back to the excitement, wonder, and constant change of being a writer. Pitcairn is a huge fan of psychological-thriller novels and movies, and delves into her hopes, fears, friends, enemies, and everything in between in her own writing.

Contact the Author:


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Blitz!! HARK (A Christmas Collection) by: Justin Bog...Christmas short stories!

Short Stories / Christmas
Date Published: November 2014

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A beautifully written collection of short stories from critically acclaimed Pacific Northwest writer Justin Bog, Hark explores the range of emotions surrounding the holidays. From melancholy to madness, loss and despair to hope and forgiveness, these six tales shimmer with feelings, some we’d rather stuff away, that Christmas can evoke.

Within Hark–A Christmas Collection, a retired police officer faces another Christmas Eve while bitter recollections haunt his every turn, a lonely woman plans to seduce Santa Claus one Christmas Eve, a widow grows anxious as she searches for a present she misplaced and intended to send to her ungrateful sister, a woman can’t keep the images of her past–these ghosts–from haunting the life she chooses to live, a bookstore clerk and his partner join a Christmas party in Sun Valley, Idaho and are taught a lesson most un-holidaylike, and, finally, a couple portrays Mr. & Mrs. Claus in their small island town holiday festivities and face a grim diagnosis together.

Set in colorful locations around the United States, from Anacortes, Washington, to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Sun Valley, Idaho, each tale focuses on people who struggle to make good choices, learn lessons, and maybe even find peace during the holiday season.

A bonus story, Poseidon Eyes, from the upcoming Sandcastle and Other Stories–The Complete Edition, is included.

About the Author

Justin Bog lives in the Pacific Northwest on Fidalgo Island. Justin Bog was Pop Culture Correspondent and Editor for In Classic Style. He is an experimental cook, a lawn mower who colors outside the lines, and treat master to two long coat German shepherds, Zippy and Kipling, and two barn cats, Ajax The Gray and Eartha Kitt’n.'

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BLITZ!! Bittersweet by:Shewanda Pugh

Young Adult Romance

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Date Published: December 9, 2014

In the aftermath of one tragic and uncertain night, Edy and Hassan shut out the chaos with a kiss. But when Hassan's traditionalist mother sees that kiss … well, a nightmare of a different sort begins. After all, he still has an arranged marriage on the horizon.
Love attacks the glue of their two bonded families; while the slow tug of success pulls Edy and Hassan in opposite directions. After denying their feelings for so long, they now have each other, but are forced to ask themselves if being together is worth it.


Hassan examined the gash on his right hand with mild interest, curious as to what point he’d earned it. His hand shook; his whole arm shook, and the tightness in his chest worked like a vice. He believed he could whittle away the panic. He believed he could wish away the night. He closed his eyes, opened them, and found all exactly as it had been.
He swatted at the EMT impatiently as his legs dangled from the rear of the ambulance. “That’s enough,” Hassan said. “I’m good.”
The man frowned down at his work. He’d cleaned the wound, applied an ointment, and looked at a roll of gauze longingly. “Really, you should let me—”
“I said ‘no.’” Hassan snatched his arm free and stood.
They’d rolled Wyatt away on a gurney. When that happened, the wheel of the stretcher had bumped on the door frame’s ledge, causing his arm to swing out from the bed. Long, white, limp—that was Hassan’s last image of him. He thought of it now as he stared at the Green’s front entrance. A uniformed officer banged at the door. Another stood at his side. The wind howled in response.
He couldn’t watch that. He couldn’t stand this. Swarming, aimless flashing lights, the methodical sectioning and combing of here and there, and Wyatt’s swinging arm, slipped out to greet him.
He’s dead. No one loses that much blood and lives.
Hassan’s thoughts turned to Edy, Edy whose friend had been shot. Quick steps brought him to her, in the cold, in the dark, in the madness they’d rushed home. Get to her was his only command.
She stood underneath a winter-stripped oak wrapped in a fleece Patriots blanket. Seeing her reminded him of his own bare arms and of how cold he should have been.
He slid in with her, wrapped her in the circle of his arms so tight, and exhaled a puff of exhaustion. Better, he thought. Best. Because he couldn’t think just now. He could only feel and breathe in drafts, so wrecked was he from the senselessness of it all. Some part of him, some inner part, fractured and burned, fluttering off in winter winds ashen piece by ashen piece.
“Hassan,” Edy said. “I—I’m freaking out. I’m going to lose it completely.” Her eyes swept the lawn without seeing, watering to overflow, sliding into panic.
“Edy,” he said, but she didn’t hear.
“Edy,” he repeated, but she still didn’t hear. She gripped the fabric of his shirt at the waist, fisting it with a hand and twisting. He pulled her in so they were forehead to forehead and trembling.
She would keep it together or he would unravel right with her.
“Don’t leave me,” Hassan said. “You know you can’t.”
He yanked at her as if he could rouse her into forgetting, into going backward, into being yesterday’s Edy and therefore okay. In this tighter, fiercer embrace, he was hyper aware of his every clenched muscles, of her fingers first touching, then digging into his side, and of the snow that eventually began to fall.
He’d hold them together if it took all night.
She ran a hand across his face and he caught her by the wrist. Funny how the noises dulled then, how the rushing thuds of footsteps and the commanding voices drifted to insignificance when she looked at him. While he couldn’t will every muscle in his body to release, or his heart to slow down on the gallop, he could do this. He could hold her and she could him. They could ground each other, help each other. It worked two ways.
She licked her lips.
And he kissed them.
It happened that fast.
“Hassan!” his mother cried.
His mother.

About the Author

Shewanda Pugh is a tomboy who credits Stephen King with being the reason she writes romance. In 2012 she debuted with the first novel in a three part contemporary adult romance series, Crimson Footprints. Since then, she's been shortlisted for the AAMBC Reader's Choice Award, the National Black Book Festival's Best New Author Award, and the Rone Award for Contemporary Fiction in 2012 and 2013. She has an MA in Writing from Nova Southeastern University and a BA in Political Science from Alabama A&M University. Though a native of Boston, MA, she now lives in Miami, FL, where she can soak up sun rays without fear of shivering.

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Colleen Hoover books on sale!!

So everyone knows I am a huge fan of Colleen Hoover's and a fellow CoHort, I got so busy I didn't post anything about her surprise release Maybe Not Maybe Not by Colleen Hoover (which is only 2.99) Amazon. I don't think I've rated a book by Colleen under five stars ever. This was such a fun cute story and just what I needed. I laughed out loud a few times and smiled throughout the book. Who knew that's why Warren was such a porn addict? Loved it...great holiday read to lessen the stress and put a smile on your face. 

Also Maybe Someday Maybe Someday (Maybe, #1)  is only $1.99 Amazon and one of my all time favorites Hopeless Hopeless (Hopeless, #1) is only 99 cents! Amazon And for free Finding Cinderella Finding Cinderella (Hopeles... Amazon

I highly recommend each and every one of these so click them before the price goes back up!

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Leon's Way by: Sunniva Dee release day blitz...It's live don't miss this awesome book and giveaway!!

Book & Author Details:

Leon’s Way by Sunniva Dee
Publication date: December 19th 2014
Genres: New Adult, Romance


I’m Leon , number one object of Deepsilver’s rumor mill. Owner of student hotspot, Smother.
Since I was sixteen, the world has been mine. I do everything—
My way.
Every co-ed in town clenches her thighs over me, but most don’t fit the bill. See, I like my girls broken . Once I detect my shade of don’t-give-a-fuck damaged, I fight hard, I fight dirty, and I don’t give up until—
I conquer.
Drunk fathers and frequent beatings don’t merit attention, but when my despicable dad starts the process of croaking, I’m forced to remember. Thus, the downward spiral begins: my latest broken-girl turns the tables on me and splits. My hot-as-hell employee, Arriane, throws me the curve ball of a lifetime. And suddenly—
I’m out of control.
But at the center of my chaos, she exists. Always close, always sweet, and so beautifully fucking… wholesome. She represents everything I’ve shied from in a woman. Still—
I crave her.
I’m Leon, and I don’t deny my cravings. Just—this girl is not surrendering. So here I am, fighting harder. Fighting dirtier. And goddammit all, I will—


My Review:
ARC provided for an honest review.
Leon's Way 5 fabulous stars!

I usually don't comment on covers but I love this cover and the model is gorgeous.

I was not expecting to love this book, after reading Pandora Wild Child (and loving it) I  got a glimpse of Leon and I was sure I wasn't going to like him. Well let me tell you I was wrong, so so wrong that I even think I loved this book a little bit more than PWC. I even noted something about 20% in on my Kindle that said "I just fell in love with Leon." Now I'm not the type that has to love characters to love a book because in reality everyone has flaws. And I know this is fiction but you need a little dose of reality thrown in, not everyone is perfect. So Leon is deeply scarred from a very traumatic past and he can't seem to let it go. He was abused by his father repeatedly and witnesses his sister being abused. He holds on to it and the only way he knows how to keep control is to control others. But does this really help him? Or is it making him worse, digging a deeper hole by trying to control everything? He works out in his (punching room) obsessively and uses broken women. If you've read PWC than you know how Leon totally lost control. What I loved is this book picks up from there. Arriane (h) is loyal bartender/party planner tries to calm him down (on that night ) but he can only be calmed in one way and he uses her as his outlet.

Arriane is sweet, loyal and was raised with a wonderful caring mother. Her parents are divorced and her mom made sure that Arriane knew she needed to rely on herself only and not to depend on anyone especially a man. "Love only causes heartbreak." Arriane has been in love (secretly) with Leon for three years now, she has suffered watching him bring many broken woman around and she has heard about his kinks. She knows she isn't compatible with him because of this but there is so much more to the man than he shows everyone, she has seen small glimpses of his other side. After the one night of being Leon's outlet everything changes.

First off I loved the mixing of cultures I wrote that in another review because I find it refreshing to read about interracial couples. Second Arriane was awesome! I loved her, I wanted to hug her and comfort her and even strangle her at times. Ingela and Cam put a lot of light into this deeply emotional book, what great secondary characters! Leon and Kat my heart goes out to them and what a strong female character Kat was. She was so beautiful and forgiving (I would love to get a book about her). Leon was so completely broken he didn't know what to do with himself he wanted to save Arriane from his tendencies but couldn't stay away. To me right there that showed me he wasn't the evil person he thought he was. I really could go on and on about the characters and how well developed they were but you really just need to read the book to understand.

There is a quote about 75% into the book where Leon and Kat are visiting his father and it was then that I think the light bulb went off for Leon. His father made a statement about not be able to control their mother. It gave me the chills. And the last page before the epilogue made me cry. If you like it steamy you've got that too, as early on as chapter two I was fanning myself. ;)

This is such a involved and emotional book I really don't think my review can do it justice.

Sunniva Dee does write with soul, her characters are deep and complex and you can't help but hate to love them or love to hate them.

I highly recommend this book!

HEA? (2)<<<click here if you want to know



Originally from Norway, I moved to the United States twelve years ago. I hold a Master’s degree in languages and taught Spanish at college level before settling in at the Savannah College of Art and Design as an adviser.

I write New Adult fiction, sometimes with a paranormal twist—like in “Shattering Halos,” published by The Wild Rose Press in February 24th 2014 and in “Stargazer,” released November 2014. The first book I’ve self-published was the New Adult Contemporary novel “Pandora Wild Child,” which made me a proud indie author in October 28th 2014.

I specialize in impulsive heroines, bad-boys, and good-boys running amok. Then, there’s the intense love, physical and emotional attraction beyond reason—sensory overload for the reader as well as for the characters. Like in real life, I hope you’re unable to predict what comes next in my stories.

Yes, so I write what I love to read, and depending on the reader, you’ll find my books to be a fast-paced emotional rollercoaster—or disturbing because the struggles of love aren’t your thing. Here’s to hoping you have the same reading vice as me!

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Spotlight and review...The Heiress of Santorini by: Angel Sefer #Giveaway

An unexpected threat...
When insurance manager Alexandra Stewart is assigned to the Imperial Resorts Corporation account and has to travel to the island of Santorini, she's worried about keeping the promise she made to her late father. Alexandra swore to keep her real identity a secret and to stay away from her maternal grandfather, a Greek billionaire who lives on the island. However, what Alexandra thought was fate is actually a plot to bring her home.

An undeniable attraction...
The new assignment embeds Alexandra in a deadly game of vengeance and greed that threatens to destroy her grandfather’s empire. The only one she can turn to for help is Mark Taylor, the seductively handsome Managing Director of the Corporation. Mark is torn between his intense attraction to Alexandra and his promise to her grandfather to guard the secret that could destroy the entire Vassiliou family. His puzzling behavior infuriates Alexandra, but it can’t quell her desire.

A startling revelation...
Will Alexandra be able to trust Mark when he has already lied to her once? Will Mark be able to convince Alexandra he’s not the enemy? And when the time comes, will he be able to confess the truth to her?

My Review: 
4 stars!  Review copy provided.

I really enjoyed this book. It had me guessing until the end. I thought the writing was well done and the story intrigued me. Mark, was he a good guy? Who was her grandfather really?  And who is behind John's mysterious disappearance? Every time I thought I got it right I was wrong and I really like when a book keeps me guessing. 

Being a romance junkie something was slightly missing for me. I felt the initial connection between Mark and Alexandra but it seemed to fade into the background with everything else going on. When I read a romance novel I like the build up of the H and h as the book goes on and to me it just leveled off. I found Alexandra and Mark to have good chemistry so I think with a little more about them, how they connected and why they connected the way they did would have helped me. Don't get me wrong it's there but just not as pronounced as I would have liked.
It was also nice getting into everyone's head a little in the book. I love books told from a first persons POV but the way this was written was unique because it was told in the third person but you also get a peak into what they were thinking. 

Reading about Greece and the description of the island was very well done, but not over done, I could definitely picture myself there. The description in the book in general was terrific and not over the top. This book takes you from Georgia, to New York and Greece...making me feel like I was right there with the characters.

All in all a great book with a lot of suspense and mystery that I would recommend reading.

HEA? (1)<<<click here if you want to know.

Be sure to read all the mystery romance novels in The Greek Isles Series, including the #1 best seller Spellbound in His Arms and Deadly Secrets. Each book in the series functions as a standalone novel taking place on a different Greek island.
Buy Links:

Author Bio: 

Award-winning, bestselling author Angel Sefer was born in Athens, Greece, and has studied and worked on both sides of the Atlantic. She holds a degree in Economics and divides her time between the corporate world and her true passion: reading and writing mystery romance novels, full of heart-racing action, suspense, twists and turns, and breathtaking romance.
Angel lives in Athens, Greece, with the two loves of her life--her son and her husband--and is a member of several writers groups.

Win an ecopy of this book, just comment, message me, like my FB book page or follow me on twitter. I will choose a winner via 

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Red Hot Alphas goes LIVE at midnight...check it out! Giveaway!! Only 99 cents!!!

Who wants to win a $100 gift card to Amazon?

Ready to get HOT?
Eleven top-selling authors have banded together to bring you 11 ALL-NEW romantic novels of love, passion, and thrilling suspense.

These sexy, alpha men--from an orphaned tattoo artist, a partying rock star drummer with a secret past, a motorcycle club V.P. who's an undercover cop, an actor with abs of steel, a world-famous billionaire entrepreneur, a werewolf shifter lost in his wild wolf, a jazz musician with darker tastes, a private investigator with a hunger for more than justice, a professional skateboarder that she used to know, to a European nobleman with a touch of magic, and a hunky firefighter with a killer smile and a dangerous job--will win your heart, your soul, and your body, because nothing less will satisfy them.

From first kisses to dangerous encounters and second chances at love, we've gathered all 11 BRAND NEW novels in one big box, giving you a heart-pounding collection filled with confident, sexy, and mysterious alpha men you'll fall madly in love with.

All these novels are all brand new and exclusive to the Red Hot Alpha Box Set, and they are NOT available anywhere else! If you see your favorite author in here, then YES, this is a new story that you haven't read yet.

Click now to get this special, sizzling box set of all-new books!

Micah (Damage Control 1) by Jo Raven - She saved his life but doesn't know him. He knows her but won't tell her who he is for fear of losing her. Isn't love weird?

Somebody to Love (Rock Stars in Disguise: Tryp) by Blair Babylon - Meet Tryp, the rock star drummer for Killer Valentine. He's young, he's rich, and his life is perfect, just as long as he never sobers up.

Hot Pursuit (An Iron Tornadoes MC Romance) by Olivia Rigal - What could be worst for an undercover cop than embracing the spirit of the MC he has infiltrated? Falling hard for a woman who loves the biker he is supposed to be.

Meeting Mr. Steele by Melanie Marchande - She hired an actor to play her romance author alter ego at public appearances, but she didn't count on him stealing her heart.

Mixed Up by Sky Corgan - When Kira walked up the steps of the Enkidu Industries building for a job interview, she never expected to find her potential new employer completely naked.

Midnight Moonlight by V. J. Chambers - A werewolf twist on "Beauty and the Beast:" Trapped with a wild man. Drawn to his ferocious heat. She will fight to get free and to tame him, to bring back his humanity.

Sorority Saint by Daizie Draper - When a brash musician entices a shy dancer into performing in his sexy jazz video, the heated tension between these polar opposites could ignite lasting passion or completely scorch them both.

Crossed (A Prequel to the Crossed Series) by Lacey Silks - She is looking for the one. He never thought the one existed. But the one thing that connects them can also tear them apart.

Get To Me (8th Sin Series, Book 1) by Holly Hood - Sometimes the past and present can cloud your future.

Electric Blue Butterflies (Will o' the Wisp Series #1) by Irma Geddon - When an arranged marriage between childhood soul mates ends in tragedy, Constance learns to trust that love knows no limit---not even death.

Sweetest Temptations (Blue Collar Series, #1) by J.C. Valentine - A tenacious bakery shop owner has everything she ever wanted, until a hunky firefighter walks through her door.
Get To Me  by: Holly Hood

Posts about author J.C. Valentine and she was also one of my favorite new (to me) authors in 2014.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

My picks for authors that were new to me and made me happy dance in 2014...


S. Briones Palace Hills
Sarah Darlington He Belongs with Me Leo Maddox Kill Devil Hills (Kill Devi...
Sunniva Dee Pandora Wild Child Leon's Way

 Clare James Talk to Me (Public Lives, #1) Just Listen (Public Lives, #2) Wednesday

Andie M. Long The Alphabet Game.  The Com...

Patrica Mann Is This All There Is? Is This What I Want?

Lex Martin Dearest Clementine (Dearest... Finding Dandelion (Dearest,...

Genna Rulon Only for You (For You, #1)

 Kate Stewart Never Me
J.C. Valentine Knockout (Wayward Fighters,... Tapout (Wayward Fighters, #2) Raine
Stephanie Witter Patch Up (Patch Up, #1) Fix Up (Patch Up, #2)

***note these are just the books I've read by these authors, they have written more***

***my reviews are on my blog or you can click here>>>Goodreads for them.***

There are so many wonderful authors I discovered this year but these are the ones that really stood out to me. :)