Monday, October 6, 2014

Previous review from September 2013

Little Conversations 3-3.5 stars

I received this book for an honest review.

Devin is 18 and an emotional wreck after a bad (sort of) breakup. Her heart is broken. Her ex boyfriend Jake seems to come in and out of her life as he pleases and she is hopelessly in love with him. Her self esteem is so low she lets him use and manipulate her. She takes to partying and getting drunk A LOT to try to forget him. That's where she meets Ronin.

Ronin is 24 and a victim of love and a bad breakup as well. He doesn't know if he can or wants to attach himself emotionally to another girl. He meets Devin and something about her changes his thinking and he's become her savior in many ways. They form this between the lines friendship that's confusing to them both. He doesn't understand why she is so hard on herself and is trying to convince her she is worthy of more than her ex. He is always rescuing her.

All in all I enjoyed this book and their story. I myself have always had a hard time with self confidence so I could relate to Devin at times. I did have a hard time understanding her infatuation with Jake though. There were times I wanted to strangle her and tell her to wake up and look at what's right in front of her. I also felt like her friends could have been a little more supportive or should have set her straight. They needed a girls heart to heart and to lay it all out for her. Ronin was so sweet too much at times. A lot of honeys, baby's, and sweet hearts from his mouth. I thought he'd be more of a bad boy player, man-whore type by the way he was described but I didn't get that at all. He almost seemed too good to be true I almost jumped for joy when he finally got angry.

I was pleased with how the book ended and I will read more by this author.
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