Friday, October 3, 2014

Review...Word Play by: Amalie Silver

Word Play 5 stars! This was such a great book. I can't even express how much I truly enjoyed it. So funny and smart.

Our H is a suspense/mystery writer who is pushed to write erotic romance because of the popularity of it. He writes under a pen name and before he knows it he is a bestseller. He feels like a sell out and becomes some what of a hermit drowning himself in alcohol and trying to write a requested series. When he is asked to go to a signing and convention everything changes.

Our h is a top book blogger and after running into Michael/Christoph (H) at the convention they become somewhat nemesis. After a room mix up and finding themselves having to stay together in the same hotel room things begin to change with there rivalry. She is hiding a big secret and so is he. She soon figures out his, but will the mystery writer figure out her big mystery?

I really can't write much more without giving things away. I loved the whole satire on writers, bloggers, and social media...hilarious. The interviews were great and I found myself laughing out loud while reading. It was a cleverly written book and I always love to see the flaws or someones inner geek in novels. The secondary characters were great too.

I highly recommend.

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