Monday, October 6, 2014

Review...In The Firelight by: Sibylla Matilde

In the Firelight 4 stars and a fan! STEAMY...

Shea (h) has lived in her small town in Montana forever and wants to keep it that way...a small town and not a tourist trap. When a real estate developer wants to turn the town into a ski resort she will do everything in her power to stop it.

Rhys (H) lives in Portland and works for said developer; he uses his looks, charm and man-whoring ways to manipulate deals...per his bosses request. He doesn't have any complaints though as long as he's getting the deal done and a little action. Rhys's boss sends him to work his magic on Shea, to try to get her to sway her decision to his proposed development and to persuade the locals to the idea. 

What Shea doesn't realize is who Rhys really works for and why Rhys is really there. Both trying to sway the others decision and both very drawn and attracted to each other.

Will they be able to keep up the charade when feelings are involved? And will Rhys tell her who he really is before it's too late?

Dirty talking Rhys...WOW! At first I hated him and everything he said (except for in bed). When he called her sweetheart every time he saw her I kept thinking of the character Christian from Nip Tuck. ;) He ended up growing on me and the more and more he used his term of endearment towards her the more sincere it became. And that was 100% the author and how well she wrote that. You could see him slowly changing and becoming a better person. Sure he was cocky as hell but as the book went on it didn't bother me like it did in the beginning. It did take me a while to like him and sympathize a little. 

Shea I loved she was feisty and strong but still soft and vulnerable on the inside. She did a good job of hiding her insecurities and weakness but you definitely got glimpses of it. I loved how she didn't give in to what she truly believed for a man. She stayed strong to her beliefs and her community/town.

The sex scenes were off the charts hot. And there are a lot of them. All in all I really enjoyed the book, I just wish I could of liked Rhys a little more. He did grow on me though.

I recommend.

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