Tuesday, December 11, 2018

It's out and it's incredible!! If you're one to wait until a series is complete wait no longer! Permission by: T.M. frazier

PERMISSION, the highly anticipated conclusion of the dark and gritty Perversion Trilogy from USA Today bestselling author T.M. Frazier is available now!

War breaks out in Lacking. The streets aren't safe.
When an unexpected person from my past arrives in town, I'm forced to make a choice between the life I've always wanted, and a life I never knew I could have.
I didn't know how strong I was until I met Grim.
But am I strong enough to live without him?
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About the Author
T.M. (Tracey Marie) Frazier never dreamed that a single person would ever read a word she wrote when she published her first book. Now, she is a five-time USA Today bestselling author and her books have been translated into numerous languages and published all around the world. T.M. enjoys writing what she calls sexy‘wrongside of the tracks romance’ with morally corrupt anti-heroes and ballsy heroines. Her books have been described as raw, dark and gritty. Basically, what that means, is while some authors are great at describing a flower as it blooms, T.M. is better at describing it in the final stages of decay. She loves meeting her readers, but if you see her at an event please don’t pinchher because she's not ready to wake up from this amazing dream. T.M.Frazier.jpg
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Friday, December 7, 2018

I'm so excited! Verity, an all-new romantic thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover, is available now!

Verity RB Banner.jpg

"Sublimely creepy with a true Hoover pulse. I've been waiting on a thriller like this for years." Tarryn Fisher, New York Times bestselling author


Lowen Ashleigh is a struggling writer on the brink of financial ruin when she accepts the job offer of a lifetime. Jeremy Crawford, husband of bestselling author Verity Crawford, has hired Lowen to complete the remaining books in a successful series his injured wife is unable to finish.
Lowen arrives at the Crawford home, ready to sort through years of Verity's notes and outlines, hoping to find enough material to get her started. What Lowen doesn't expect to uncover in the chaotic office is an unfinished autobiography Verity likely didn't intend for anyone to read. Page after page of bone-chilling admissions, including Verity's recollection of the night their family was forever altered.
Lowen decides to keep the manuscript hidden from Jeremy, knowing its contents would devastate the already grieving father. But as Lowen's feelings for Jeremy begin to intensify, she recognizes all the ways she could benefit if he were to read his wife's words. After all, no matter how devoted Jeremy is to his injured wife, a truth this horrifying would make it impossible for him to continue to love her.

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About Colleen Hoover
Colleen Hoover is the #1 New York Times and International bestselling author of thirteen novels and multiple novellas. She lives in Texas with her husband and their three boys. She is the founder of The Bookworm Box, a non-profit book subscription service and bookstore in Sulphur Springs, Texas. ColleenHoover.jpg
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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Cover and Blurb reveal by: L.J. Shen!! The Kiss Thief

Release Date: January 9th

Blurb They say your first kiss should be earned. Mine was stolen by a devil in a masquerade mask under the black Chicago sky. They say the vows you take on your wedding day are sacred. Mine were broken before we left church. They say your heart only beats for one man. Mine split and bled for two rivals who fought for it until the bitter end. I was promised to Angelo Bandini, the heir to one of the most powerful families in the Chicago Outfit. Then taken by Senator Wolfe Keaton, who held my father’s sins over his head to force me into marriage. They say that all great love stories have a happy ending. I, Francesca Rossi, found myself erasing and rewriting mine until the very last chapter. One kiss. Two men. Three lives. Entwined together. And somewhere between these two men, I had to find my forever.
About the Author L.J. Shen is an International #1 best-selling author of Contemporary Romance and New Adult novels. She lives in Northern California with her husband, young son and chubby cat.
Before she’d settled down, L.J. (who thinks referring to herself in the third person is really silly, by the way) traveled the world, and collected friends from all across the globe. Friends who’d be happy to report that she is a rubbish companion, always forgets peoples’ birthdays and never sends Christmas cards.
She enjoys the simple things in life, like spending time with her family and friends, reading, HBO, Netflix and internet-stalking Stephen James. She reads between three to five books a week and firmly believes Crocs shoes and mullets should be outlawed.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Out Now! Jock Rule by: Sara Ney...five stars!


Kip Carmichael is no pretty boy.

He's a rough. Dirty. Giant. Hair so unruly, and a beard so thick, his friends on the team call him Sasquatch.

The first time Sasquatch lays eyes on Theodora "Teddy" Johnson across the keg at a party one night on Jock Row, she'd been relegated to the sidelines by her jock hungry "friends."

Week-after-week, he watches beautiful but bashful Teddy getting overshadowed, and overlooked. Sasquatch finally broad shoulders his way through the crowd, offering to to be her hairy godmother. But the minute their eyes meet? He's a goner.

Teaching her the RULES for winning a jock will be the easy part. Not falling in love with her is going to be a losing game.

     My Review (ARC provided)
Five Stars!

I freaking loved this book! Fell in love with the hero and knew from chapter one I liked the heroine. As with most of Sara’s books, I gobbled this one up and couldn’t take my eyes away. It was fantastic.

Teddy is a smart girl trying to make ends meet. She was raised with no money, goes to college on a scholarship and is just getting by. She is naïve and not really into dating or the whole party scene.

Kip is a smart guy covering up his good looks and wealth with a broody personality and a yeti appearance. He is not into the party scene or dating.

The two meet ironically at a party, and it is awkward, to say the least. They keep meeting and form a plan to get Teddy a date. “Hairy Godmother” to the rescue! That cracked me up.

I loved the dialogue between these two. I was smiling like a freak as I was reading wondering if people thought I was some weirdo. I even caught myself laughing out loud a couple of times (in public). The spark wasn’t immediate, but it lingered, until BAM it hits you hard and then it scorches off the pages. Both Teddy and Kip help each other with their insecurities, and they were the sweetest couple. I also really enjoyed the closeness and bond Kip and his sister had. I thoroughly enjoyed reading their texts.

There wasn’t a whole lot of angst in this one. It’s more about growth and learning to trust but in an amusing wayI. Loved. It.

      Sara Ney is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the How to Date a Douchebag series, and is best known for her sexy, laugh-out-loud New Adult romances. Among her favorite vices, she includes: iced latte's, historical architecture and well-placed sarcasm. She lives colorfully, collects vintage books, art, loves flea markets, and fancies herself British. She lives with her husband, children, and her ridiculously large dog. Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Newsletter | Website

Friday, November 30, 2018

Out Now! Stealing It by: Rachel Robinson...


STEALING IT: A Navy SEAL and Single Mom Romance

We train for war and fight to win.

Mental toughness is a steadfast requirement to become a SEAL. Like his teammates, Aidan Mixx is ferocious in this quality. No one knows he uses one night stands, dating app hook-ups, and a swaggering, lewd, persona to cover his haunting weakness. Orders to the Bronze Bay, Florida, SEAL base is a change of scenery and pace. Slowing down just enough to realize not only is sleeping around in a small town more difficult when everyone knows each other, but he might be ready to settle down with one woman.

 If she’s up for the challenge.

Magnolia Sager lost the only man she has ever loved to his barely-legal secretary. To make matters worse, their teenaged daughter was the one to catch her father in the affair. Mentally battered and bruised, they flee to Bronze Bay for a fresh start. The antique store keeps Magnolia busy, and the very last thing on her mind is love. She is hesitant when her best friend suggests healing old wounds and moving on by using an app to date casually. Meeting a man who makes her weak in the knees is surprising. Wanting to continue dating him is shocking.

Falling for him is insanity. Loving him, impossible.

What would you sacrifice for something you wanted? Something that was dear to you? A little? Just enough? Or everything? Would you burn it all down to the ground and steal that which you covet most?

MY REVIEW (ARC Provided)

Five Stars!

This book is Rachel Robinson at her best!! I loved it so much and flew through the damn thing. The epilogue starts off dropping a colossal bomb and keeps you on edge the entire book.

If you've read Crazy Good, it’s like what she did to us in that book. I don't even know where to start.

Aidan and Magnolia have become one of my favorite couples Rachel has written. They had undeniable chemistry from the get-go, and you were rooting for them to make it work.

Aidan being a notorious manwhore and Magnolia being a divorced single mom that never dates are an unlikely pair. The two meet for the first time after messaging with each other on a "dating" or hookup app. Aidan figures out pretty quickly Magnolia isn't the type of girl he is looking for, not one-night-stand material, but that's all he wants until...

"Bad boys don't reform. There isn't some lesson we learn that turns the tides. What happens, and I'm pretty sure it's true for most of us is, we casually stumble into the woman made for only us."

Both Aidan and Magnolia have loads of baggage. Aidan had a horrible upbringing, and Magnolia doesn't trust men at all.

"I'm a person worthy of being loved. I am a hero but not the obvious reasons. You know why? Because I survived you."

I loved everything about this book, their initial meeting, their first night, their farce relationship and their real relationship. They both brought out the best in each other. Aidan understood that as a mother her child would always come first and that's where it gets sticky because no matter what, Magnolia will ALWAYS put her daughter before anyone and especially after what her daughter has been through.

"This is what happens when men do bad things. Good Men swoop in and steal the things they used to care about."

Let me tell you towards the end of the book my stomach sank and I thought, "no Rachel you are not doing this, this is not what's supposed to happen."

I won't ruin anything for you because spoilers suck, but please pick this book up, you will not be disappointed. It has all the feels; laughter, angst, love, and tears.


Stealing It: A Navy SEAL & Single Mom Romance by Rachel Robinson is now LIVE!!!!

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Start the STANDALONE Bronze Bay Series today:
Keeping It: A Navy SEAL meets Virgin Romance: https://amzn.to/2DuEdwD
Tossing It: A Navy SEAL and Secret Baby Romance: https://amzn.to/2JPxuh9

ADD to your TBR: : http://bit.ly/StealingIt 

For more information on Rachel and her books visit her website: