Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My thoughts...Hudson (Fixed) by: Laurelin Paige

 ***Do not read this if you haven't read the Fixed series.***

Hudson (Fixed, #4) Oh how I hate to love Hudson Pierce and love to hate him. What a messed up individual. I'm really happy we got a book about him there was so much more to Hudson than you got in the Fixed series ,The Fixed Trilogy (Fixed, #1-3)and like I said I thought his POV was essential. This book is all three books in one, it alternates from his present to his past which is primarily him and Celia. I found myself feeling sorry for Celia at one point but that quickly passed. She is not an easy woman to feel sorry for. Hudson shows Celia how to manipulate and control people and they work together on many people doing very hurtful things. It is a game to both...Hudson sees it as more of a science, a study of people, where Celia wants to hurt people and see them hurting. Neither one is justifiable but Celia was truly vengeful whereas Hudson was just emotionally closed off. The part in the book I was most looking forward to reading from Hudson's POV was when everyone was at his house accusing and confronting Alayna about  her supposedly stalkerish behavior. I am so glad we got to read what Hudson was thinking and feeling at that time. I remember while reading that scene the first time around how hard my heart was pounding and bad I felt for Alayna. I did feel this book dragged on at times but overall I was pleased with Hudson's side of the story. It was nice to see that he actually lost control of himself and his feelings when he thought he didn't have them in the first place. Was Hudson a sociopath and narcissist? I feel like he was, but can a true sociopath really change? I'm not sure? And he definitely changed. He grew, he healed, he loved. Whatever definition it is he was pretty despicable and Celia was worse because she never felt remorse and didn't want to change.

I love the epilogue we got in this book. Me and my epilogues gotta love them. ;)

I recommend to all that have read this series.
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