Happily Ever After (HEA)

Are you ever reading a book or have heard about a book that has you so worried your H/h, H/H, or h/h don't get their HEA? And your not quite sure you can even finish it if you don't know? (whether it's a love triangle, death, or whatever else could be holding them back) I know I have. So I'm going to create a link at the bottom of my reviews that if you so chose will let you know. That way it won't spoil it for anyone else. I will number them in the link, the number will be changed periodically so it's not always the same. 

 Example: (1) Yes HEA (2) No HEA (3) You decide (sometimes you maybe rooting for another person or it's bittersweet)

sample link

sample link 2 

sample link 3 

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