Friday, September 12, 2014

Review...Dog Days of Summer (Rolling Thunder, #1) by: P.J. Fiala

Dog Days of Summer (Rolling Thunder #1) ARC provided to review. 

This so hard for me to rate so instead I'm going to just tell you my thoughts. This author is not afraid to take on older characters especially with the popularity of romance in the New Adult category. And I do love NA novels but it is refreshing to read about people in their forties and fifties falling in love and having sex (It doesn't stop people!). I read this authors first book Second Chances and felt the same way. I guess what I'm having trouble with is that they felt very similar to me. I think if I hadn't read Second Chances I would have felt more towards this book. So lets start with the synopsis:

Joci was a mother first, a biker second and was running her marketing and design business, third. She believed in a good cause while enjoying the open road with friends and family.

Dog owns a successful business building some of the greatest motorcycles around. Men and women alike respected and envied him. Being a veteran, he believed in helping other veterans in the only way he knew how, by riding motorcycles.

They meet, try to ignore the attraction and ultimately fall in love only to have their love tested by a jealous employee who wants Dog for herself. Can they survive?

Jeremiah (Dog) needs to create more appeal to his business. Joci's son Gunner has worked for Rolling Thunder now for a while and recommends his mother (who is a graphic designer) for the job. She is hired, creates a logo and has some great ideas to make Rolling Thunder more successful. Joci is very attracted to Jeremiah as he is to her and he persistently keeps asking her out, but she keeps turning him down and after ten months he finally won't take no for an answer. She gives in and they quickly become involved...but she has major trust issues and with the very attractive LuAnn prancing around the shop and hanging on him every chance she gets Joci realizes this is going take some MAJOR trust on her part. She doesn't understand why Jeremiah keeps her around, he doesn't go into detail about it and changes the subject whenever it's brought up. She's fed up and ready to leave unless he gives her some answers.

A few great things: I loved the closeness and connection with their sons. They had a great group of friends. Short easy chapters, it makes me fly through a book, (I hate never ending chapters). Joci not trusting right away, that seemed real to me after being burned so many times. I know I wouldn't trust easily if it were me. The tattoo on her foot/ankle representing her family (creative). The love they had for each other. Jeremiah's attentiveness to Joci, he was very sweet but also very Alpha.

A few things that bothered me: The jump from the initial meeting to ten months later, I guess I wanted to feel the build up of them falling for each other, instead it felt rushed. The clothing Jeremiah stocked in the closet seemed a little weird. LuAnn was a little over the top to me. I love a good villain but enough was enough and Jeremiah pissed me off that he wouldn't do anything about her. The h in Second Changes and their trust and confidence issues were very similar.

P.J. Fiala packs in the steam and isn't afraid. I do recommend this book, it's a refreshing change from NA. Don't expect too much angst it's a pretty sweet story (other than the villain that keeps popping up) and flows easily. I want to thank the author for providing me a copy of this book.

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