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Palace Hills. The very name struck shivers down the spine of the affluent city of Goldendale.
Unfortunately, eighteen-year-old Nina Sharman has no choice but to call the poverty-stricken neighborhood her new home.

Life seems bleak until a chance meeting with Conner Hale changes her mind and captures her heart, leading her to believe that maybe Palace Hills wasn’t so bad after all.
However, one tragic case of mistaken identity changes everything and leads to an event so horrifying that Nina believes she could never recover.

Choosing to leave Conner behind, Nina vows never to return to Palace Hills again.
Five years later, Nina has a new home, a new boyfriend and a new life. Yet, still haunted by the ghosts of her past, Nina finds she must return to Palace Hills to put an end to a nightmare, which has haunted her for years.

Upon her return, one vital slip in judgement threatens to bring the life she had worked so hard to build to come crashing down.

4.5 stars! Review copy provided by Xpresso Book Tours. My heart is heavy and it hurts right now. I needed to take a deep breath and think about this book before I could actually review it. I have been gutted by two books in a row now! This was such a hard book for me to read but every time I put it down I kept picking it back up. Love triangles are hard for me and when you love both of the H's (because I consider them to both be) it makes it that much harder. I always find myself rooting for the first love for some reason (unless they are unlikable).  Kudos to the author for taking on this subject and soaring. This book is deep and it's bittersweet and it made me cry and I'm actually crying writing this review. This is one of the more emotional books I've read and I need something light and funny now . Oh my god this author nailed this book. She said it took her eight years to write it and I'm glad she finally did because this book should be read. I truly hope it gets the recognition it deserves. I went into this book oblivious and honestly if I knew what it was about I probably would have held off for awhile before reading it, but I'm glad I didn't. I can't write too much about the book because I feel I would be taking that emotional connection away from the reader. I'm going to try writing a little about it without spoiling it for anyone.

Nina (h) almost eighteen has been taken from her posh life and home and moved to the "projects" Palace Hills. Her family has lost everything and both her parents are absent from her and her brothers life. Her mother self medicating and her father depressed and non verbal, leaving Nina to take care of her seven year old brother Matthew. Nina and Matthew quickly make friends with Connor (H) and his mother Jillian. Connor wants to take Nina under his wings and help her and her brother survive in Palace Hills showing them the ropes. Jillian takes on the role of mother by making sure they are cared for and fed. The only thing going for a place like Palace Hills is a strong sense of family which Matthew and Nina do not have or ever will. Connor and Nina are falling for each other. Connor is different from all the boys she's dated. Connor lives in Palace Hills. Nina loves Connor. After tragedy strikes Palace Hills Nina wants to leave and never return. Nina graduates and gets out of Palace Hills as fast as she can. She moves on to college the shell of the person she once was. 

Finley (H) and her meet at a party and he is enamored by her, pursuing her relentlessly. Nina finally gives in and they become involved. Finley is the perfect package smart, sweet, caring and rich. Finley is the complete opposite of Connor. Finley is safe and secure. Nina loves Finley.

Years have past and Nina has to return to Palace Hills. What will happen when she runs into Connor; her first love her soul mate? Will she forget Finley or finally be able to move on?

I really can't write anymore without giving anything away. 

I thought this book was wonderful, there were just a couple things that I noted that confused me. I think there may have been a time discrepancy in July. A chapter starts out in July and then later in the book at least a week has past but the date is July 4th. The other was, I just thought it a little strange coming from so much wealth that they chose the "projects" to live. I would have thought they might find a small dingy apartment in the city or something. No biggie those were just side notes I had.

I have got to say this author wasn't afraid to take a leap from the norm and give you a different kind of romance. I'm still in awe and still thinking about it. This review took me hours to write because I really wanted to do this book justice. Congratulations to S. Briones Lim for writing a book and not going with your typical romance.

I recommend, but make sure you have a box of tissues handy you will need them.

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Back in 2006 my muse (who has been known never to shut up) followed me around for weeks. At that time I was obsessed with the urban environment and its awesome culture and wanted to fuse that together with a romantic story. After a brief AHA moment, Palace Hills was born. aha Back in 2006 I had a huge crush on Channing Tatum and James Franco (understandably). I often write my stories by imagining each scene played out like a movie and it’s even easier when I have my own cast in mind. It was only fitting to “cast” my two favorite actors as the main characters of the book. Soon Channing and James helped shape my vision of Conner and Finley based on how I thought they would portray the characters. Palace Hills just continued to grow and blossom from that point on. Channing Tatum James Franco Back in 2006 I had plotted Palace Hills from beginning to end, but was just too busy as an upcoming young professional to even think of having the time to write it. So, I just let the story fester in the deepest recesses of my mind. Years flew by and I’d often tell my friends about the story. I’d tell them I’d get around to writing it eventually, but again I never did. In 2013 when I finally decided to follow my dream about becoming an author I began to write other stories knowing perfectly well that Palace Hills was screaming for attention – but again, I never got around to writing it. Spongebob 2014. My best friend asked me what future stories I had in mind. I already had three books out on the market with one more on the way. I was on a creative roll and struggling to figure out which story to write first. I casually mentioned Palace Hills and summarized it for my BFF. Her response? “WHY HAVEN’T YOU WRITTEN IT YET, WOMAN? The story is perfect! Write it now!” That was when, after eight years of procrastination, I finally penned Palace Hills. It was a very long journey to get to this point, but I am so proud of the end result. Not only is it one of my favorite stories, it is also the novel that helped me land my publisher, Limitless Publishing. Who would have thought that 8 years later I’d finally see one of my very first stories finally in print? It’s true; good things really come to those who wait."


Palace Hills by S. Briones Lim
Published by: Limitless Publishing
Publication date: September 9th 2014
Genres: New Adult, Romance

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