Sunday, September 7, 2014

Review...Tragically Broken by: N.J. Danner

Tragically Broken I was provided a copy of this book from the author for an honest review. I'm going to rate this 4 solid stars. There were many typos and some errors but this is the authors debut novel and I commend her on this story. It takes a lot of time, heart and commitment to publish a book for everyone to read. The cover of this book is perfect for what the book was about. I'll give you a brief synopsis of the book and then tell you my thoughts.

Dr. Alex Kohen has been grieving for five years after a tragedy took her husbands life. Her life consists of her career, she has distanced herself from her family and friends and moved to Chicago away from it all.

Kellen Rhion enters Alex's life while his grandfather is under her care. Both taken by the other; Alex is determined to keep her distance but Kellen won't take no for an answer.

Excuse after excuse keeps Kellen from taking Alex out until he accidentally runs into her. He finally convinces her to take the leap and spend some time with him. But will her past and emotional baggage be too much for him to handle? And will she be able to move forward without the guilt of feeling like she's betraying her (dead) husband? Kellen is determined to get through Alex's walls so she can start living again.

I think I've said in a previous review that trying to start over loving someone or moving on after the death of your supposed soul mate has to probably be one of toughest things to overcome without feeling guilt towards your past love. And the way her husband died left her with so much hurt and guilt she didn't want to give herself the chance or open herself up to love again. I think the author portrayed this well in the book but I also thought it was a bit repetitive. After a while I got that she had nightmares and was hurt by the accident and with a little editing I think some of the repetition could be cut. In fact I felt that way about the book in general, it was well written, well thought out but just a bit long and repetitive. With that said it didn't really deter me much on my rating because I could feel the compassion and strength of both these characters. It's kind of refreshing to read about a genuinely sweet guy. Yes, I love the controlling bad boys in books too, but Kellen was the perfect boyfriend and yeah he made some mistakes and should have told her things earlier in the relationship but it wasn't intentional and he just wanted what was best for Alex. Another thing I really liked is that Kellen let Alex take control without getting all weirded out by it, he wasn't intimidated by her success and career. They were more like equals and respected each other taking control when it suited them. ;) 

Alex was broken and Kellen tried to help put the pieces or her heart back together, but when circumstances arise Kellen doesn't know if Alex's heart will ever be repaired or she will ever be able to be with him. I don't want to get into too much more without spoiling the book. The emotional level is high but the angst is pretty low and there are definitely some steamy parts. Also I love a book with good secondary characters and this book doesn't disappoint. Congratulations on N.J. Danner's debut novel!

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