Sunday, September 21, 2014

Review...The Prelude by: KaSonndra Leigh

The Prelude (A Musical Interlude, #1) 4 stars! Review copy provided. I'm on a really good reading roll and it makes me so happy! What a great story and change of pace. I would characterize this book as a romantic suspense with a little steam; but it isn't front and center like with some romance novels. Yeah there is sex and the build up to it is fantastic like you just can't wait for it to finally happen. 

Erin (h) has had a tragic past and has not let anyone come near her heart since. She avoids commitment and love. After finishing design school she moves to Milan, Italy landing a job from her instructor to design clothing. She finally secures her first big job for a very famous maestro.

Alek (H) has his own set of demons, he like Erin avoids commitment. Alek comes from lots of money and can pretty much have any woman he wants. When Alek sets out to get and do something he always gets and does it. The one thing Alek wants and isn't getting is Erin which only makes this more challenging to him. She intrigues him like no other woman has before, she is sexy, talented, smart and independent.

Erin knows his type and will not give into him...or so she thinks.

Will the famous maestro finally get Erin to trust him? And will he be open with her about his past? Paths cross and the unexpected happens.

So so good! In some suspense books I usually can guess who the "bad" guy is or whatever but I was not expecting it to be that person at all. What a great twist. However I did guess Alek's secret early on but I don't think that was suppose to be a huge surprise. I thought their chemistry was off the charts and I loved the little mix ups with the American language. Alek being Russian/American had a few American slang's he said wrong. Like this one..."I have somewhere I need to be later on, but I will take a check rain for dinner tomorrow night." I also loved his sister and most of the secondary characters other than his awful mother. She may have redeemed herself but we'll see in the conclusion to their story. 

Soon I'll be reading the novel An Aria in Venice An Aria in Venice (A Musical Interlude, #1.5)  about Alek's little sister Adriana the ballerina whom I loved! This is also a review copy.

All in all I recommend and found this book to be pleasantly surprising! 

This is told from both the H's and h's POV.

HEA? (1)  <<<Click on this link if you want to know if Alek and Erin got theirs.
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