Monday, September 15, 2014

Review...42 Hours by: Bethany Lopez

42 Hours (Time for Love, #3) 4 stars! Review copy given by author. 

After Scott's friends convince him that he shouldn't be marrying Victoria he finally breaks off the engagement and in doing so he realizes it's finally his chance to convince Gaby that they belong together. He comes up with a plan to get the whole group to a lake house for the weekend and make his move on one of his best friends and he has 42 hours to do it.

Gaby finally has decided to move on and convinces herself Scott and her are only meant to be friends. She realizes there will never be a good time for them to be together and after his recent break up with his fiance she doesn't want to be the rebound girl...but when Scott takes his 42 hours to get Gaby will she change her mind? Or will she stay friends with Scott and move on with Brock the guy she's been currently dating?

***Review may contain slight spoilers.***

I found myself grinning throughout most of this book. This story was so sweet. It had a bit of a "love" triangle but not over the top to the point I wanted to scream or stomp on my Kindle. You get to know the third person in the scenario but not so much that you're rooting for him (or at least I wasn't). I did feel bad for him but I knew going into it that the H and h should be together. I also love getting a glimpse of the characters and how they're doing from the first two books of this series. It was a short book and ended a little too quickly for me but what I love is that (hopefully) you still get to see what they're up to in the next book. So maybe in this case an epilogue isn't all that necessary? But I always  love how an epilogue ties everything up. This author has a way of putting a smile on my face every time I read one of her novels. I know it won't be overly dramatic or filled with angst but just a good love story and sometimes you need that. This is a great book and series especially if you are on a angst overload or just finished a darker read. 

I recommend.

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