Friday, September 12, 2014

Sins of the Father by: Echo White

Sins of the Father ARC provided for an honest review. This is another book I'm having a hard time rating. First, no offense but I hate the cover. When I first saw it I immediately fell into the whole "don't judge a book my it's cover" motto. I'll start with the blurb and go onto my thoughts about this book.


As the son of a senator, he keeps his nose clean, his conquest quiet, and an eye on his goals until he meets her. She makes him question all his previous choices and the many one night stands. As much as he doesn’t want it, she has the power to stain his heart the color of love.

Until... he learns something that has the power to destroy everything. And some truths are meant to stay buried.

This twisted unhappy love story will unravel two hearts that learn some secrets that tie them together may ultimately tear them apart.

This romance may seem like an average love story… but it isn’t

This is told from the H's POV (Tade). The story starts off with the typical college boy looking to get as much "P" as he can with no commitment. He spots a beautiful redhead (Reagan,"Red" "biscuit") and approaches her to get the brush off. He finally convinces her to let him take her on a date making her fully aware that he doesn't do girl friends or date for that matter (this is "special"). She has trust issues after a long time boyfriend cheated on her and wants to make sure Tade is honest with her after she's seen his playboy ways. After a few dates and some jealousy between the two of them they decide to become official; some how Reagan has changed him and he wants to be with her and only her.

I liked the h but really didn't like the H or his best friend (Gavin) at all. Quote from Tade "Unfortunately she wasn't that skilled." Really? You would want her to be? Then when Tade moves on (literally) to law school, I find his choices disgusting and despicable. This story to me started off with the same old college romance up until about 75% through and then the twist comes. Now I can't tell you what that is but it's a doozy. I loved the fact that the author wasn't afraid to take a chance with this book, but I guessed the twist early on. I asked my husband based on the facts given in the book and read him the prologue if he thought I was right and he agreed so I think with a little cutting of some facts and maybe even change of title the twist would be better. I also feel in the editing process you need to look at things a guy would say since this is coming from the H's POV and "cray cray" isn't something I personally have ever heard a straight guy say. I really don't think the prologue needed to be repeated as the reveal was about to come out. There were also a lot of editing errors but this was an ARC so hopefully that is changed for the other readers.

Final thoughts: Loved this concept! Loved the twist! I just thought it could have been executed better.  Gavin and Penelope, (Reagan's best friend) I found irrelevant to the story, (unless they are getting a book) I was just confused by them. This is a tough one for me I can't seem to form a good opinion on it but if your not afraid to dive into something a little dark and steamy then give this book a try and tell me if you could guess the twist. Please respect the author and leave it out of comments to not spoil anything for future readers.

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