Friday, July 25, 2014

Review...#VIP by:M.Robinson

VIP (VIP, #1) I can't even rate this book because I don't know if I loved it or hated it. First off, I have said I hate cheating so going into this book I knew there would be cheating involved.

Sebastian was an only child and grew up with two girls (sisters) and his best friends. He loves them both but is especially drawn to one of them. He grew up with wealth and love. His parents are best friends with their parents and they would love nothing more for Sebastian to grow up and marry one of the daughters. Both daughters love Sebastian but the one he's attracted to makes it known. For fear of hurting the other girl this is a secret he holds on to.

Ysabelle grew up in the projects with a prostitute for a mother who doesn't care for her at all. She is dirty, not fed, sleeps on a mattress her mother uses with costumers and is essentially invisible. Her mom is always high, drunk, and selling herself to which Ysabelle has seen and heard. Once she turns sixteen she runs away to Miami to start a life there, where she starts her career as an escort (VIP).

I can't write this review without writing some spoilers, which are below.


I really liked Sebastian in the beginning, he was confused and young. I could of cared less that he cheated on his high school girlfriend with Olivia. He was a teenager that couldn't figure out his emotions. Sure he could be selfish but what teenager isn't. As he got older and knew his feelings for Olivia he needed to confront Julia and poor Olivia pleaded with him to do so, but he couldn't bring himself to hurt Julia, so again he is forgiven. I figured he's just really trying to be a nice guy and he would eventually come clean and explain to Julia how much he loved her, but a more sisterly love, that never happened. Tragedy strikes and he finds himself wanting Julia to take away his pain and leaning on her. They eventually marry have a child and everything is wonderful...until he meets Ysabelle who looks exactly like Olivia.

So when Olivia and Ysabelle were physically described in the book I knew where this was heading. I did think it may have come out that they were long lost sisters but it didn't which I am grateful. I started to really hate Sebastian he starts having this emotional affair that eventually turns physical and still lives this wonderful life with the "love of his life," while Ysabelle is suffering over her feelings for him and not seeing anyone else. He becomes controlling of her time and schedule so he is the only man she's seeing while resuming to normal at the end of the day.

In the end this is one time I wish the H/h didn't get their HEA. I wish Ysabelle would have gotten hers after leaving VIP with someone else. What is Sebastian going to do, leave his son and move to Turks and Caicos? Or does he expect Ysabelle to up and leave her new home and life? I loved how Ysabelle finally told him off and took off. I just wished it would have ended differently, Sebastian got off way too easy. 

I do commend M.Robinson for this book and her debut novel. It was well written and well thought out. I loved the back story and first half of book but the more it went on I just couldn't sympathize anymore with Sebastian.

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