Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Review...#NeverMe by:Kate Stewart

Never Me I was given an ARC of this book from the author...5 plus stars, I loved it!

Here is the blurb:

I was a thief of men…a whore.

Not the conventional type that got paid for sex. I was the girl you talked about in your sad inner circle. The girl you shielded your boyfriend from as you cleverly covered him with your body when I came near.

I was a threat to you.

Keeping him safe in your grasp was smart.

One incredible week was all it took to forever change me.

I was NEVER going to be you … until I met HIM

Sounds good right?

This book was so much more than that blurb. 

Nadine (h) is a selfish girl, she uses men and tosses them out when she's done; always pursuing the taken ones. She gets a thrill from it and treats it like a game. She is beautiful and knows it. After graduating college her wealthy father gifts her some money, so she pays off her debt and decides to take a road trip to see the ocean with Rory her best friend (her only friend) and her mind set to try and leave her ways behind. That is until she meets him and they start a little game of their own.

Spencer (H) takes a trip with his closest friends to take a break from work pressure and caring for his alcoholic father. He spots a girl running into the ocean fully clothed and he is captivated by her and her beauty.

The two groups form a tight bond quickly spending their week together in Florida and New Orleans. Things start to heat up between Spencer and Nadine and she finds herself breaking all of her rules.

I don't want to write too much more and spoil it but this book was truly amazing. You got to see a nineteen year old girl grow mentally and mature to a woman. You slowly begin to like her, and I'm telling you in the beginning I thought I would hate Nadine. But just like her character she grows on you and the author does a great job of portraying that.

I'm not a big fan of instant after a week or a few days the characters are madly in love. A few months I can do but this book worked for me because the love grew with the characters. I also love a little angst in a book and this is just what it was, a little, not too much where I wanted to throw my Kindle out the window and stop reading but just enough to keep me going and intrigued. 

I highly recommend this book and already told my fellow reader friends about it.  

Thank you to the author for providing me a copy of this wonderful story.
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