Thursday, July 3, 2014

Read...New Leaves, No Strings by: C.J. Fallowfield (ARC)

New Leaves, No Strings (The Austin Series #1) This book was provided by author for an honest review...4 stars!

I needed to cool down before I wrote this. ;)

 Mia and Lexi are best friends and ready to start new at a University they make a pact to turn over a new leaf. Mia’s going to lose her virginity with no strings attached sex and Lexi is going to try ditching her one night stands and attempt to have a relationship. They both have bad pasts that's made them both afraid to commit.

When Gabe enters Mia life she didn’t count on how quickly he inserts himself in to it. He's hot, confident ans sexy and they are drawn to each other like no other. But Mia's fears of attachment cause a constant strain and soon Gabe realizes he wants more from Mia than just no strings attached sex. They both have strong domineering personalities and struggle over control. They fall in love quick but is it enough to keep them together with Gabe's fear of being abandoned and Mia's fear of commitment?

Who thought an 18 and 19 year old could be that experimental? Anyways, I really liked this book but thought there were a few flaws that kept it from being 5 stars for me. The main one being their first encounter together...they had already been pretty sexual so when he saw blood and asked if it was her time of the month I thought that was strange because he had already been up close and personal with her and would have known that, and to me I just thought it was too fast I would have liked more of a build up to their relationship. I also have a love/hate relationship with cliffhangers so I felt frustrated with the ending.

I loved Lexi and can't wait to read more about her as well.  All in all a really good read but be prepared to want the second book ASAP and there are 5 more in the series (hopefully no more crazy cliffhangers)!

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