Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Review...The Vitamin D Treatment by: Julia Bramer

The Vitamin D Treatment (The Vitamin D Treatment, #1) 3.5 stars
 Here is the blurb...

 Jed Carson is an unscrupulous New York City playboy with a dark past who is bored with his life and determined to break away from his overbearing and ruthless father. Searching for a fresh start and new pleasures, he moves to Colorado and meets Olivia Brown, an innocent young woman grieving her parents' recent death, and he wantonly seduces her and teaches her about sex.

A custody battle, pregnancy and murder complicate their sexual relationship and bring the pair closer together, and a seemingly harmless therapy turns their lives upside down and changes them both forever.

I had a hard time rating this book. The writing is great, the story is great, but I didn't connect with the H/h like I have with other books. It was a little too instant for me. I loved all the events that happened and toward the end of the book I was glued to it. I will definitely be reading the next one and I absolutely loved Julia's most recent book Tumbleweed.

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