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Review...10 Years by: Bethany Lopez

10 Years (Time for Love, #5)


 A lot can happen in 10 years, and Gwen and Craig have been there for each other through it all, from meeting on the playground to juggling college finals. But their long-standing friendship hasn't been without its challenges.

Gwen keeps her emotions locked down tight, and when someone hurts her, she shuts down and shuts them out. Craig has always been her hero, but when one night leaves her broken, she realizes he has the power to hurt her the most.

Unable to get past Gwen's emotional barriers, Craig focuses on baseball and reaching for his dreams, but he misses his best friend. He wonders if he'll ever have the same relationship he did with the girl he met ten years ago.

When the barriers finally come down and their true feelings are revealed, will they finally become the couple everyone says they're destined to be, or will the darkness from Gwen's past tear them apart forever?

*Warning* This book contains some scenes that may be hard to read. This story is meant for readers 18 and older.

Series Reading Order:
8 Weeks my review
21 Days my review
42 Hours my review
15 Minutes my review
10 Years

My Review: 
review copy provided
4 stars!

I have read all the books in this series and was really excited to finally get Gwen (h) and Craig's (H) story. I was so curious about them since I read 42 hours. Well I wasn't disappointed. I love how their story develops and jumps from the time they met, to present day and even in between. It was easy to follow and not at all confusing. The story switches POV's between the H and h so you get a good idea what both are thinking and feeling.
Gwen and Craig meet when they are ten and pretty much become best friends after, they are together all the time tagging along with their older siblings. As the years go by their friendship becomes stronger and stronger. When one night changes everything for Gwen, Craig tries to be there for her. He tries to protect and fight for her. Gwen closes herself off but still remains friends with Craig until once again one night changes everything for her and she shuts him out too.

I have to say Bethany handled "the scene" wonderfully, it could have been much more cringe was, don't get me wrong but I got the emotion and the point without it being too much. I wanted a little more emotion though not to the scene particularly but with Gwen I wanted to feel what she went through and to me that was lacking just a little. After reading though I realized I didn't feel that emotion because she didn't let herself feel it either.

Craig what a sweetheart...poor guy had no clue why Gwen was so closed off. He loved her so much and just wanted to make things right but whenever he tried she would just push him away. He focused on baseball to keep his mind off of her.

I loved how they kept visiting family and friends together because they didn't want to disrupt the group. And I think it was their way of keeping close without admitting to it.

If you haven't read my review for 15 minutes I loved Brock (H) and he made a few appearances in this book. I love his and Gwen's relationship! All in all a great book.

I recommend.

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