Friday, May 23, 2014

Review 21 Days by Bethany Lopez (Time for Love) series book 2

 21 Days (Time for Love, #2) by: Bethany Lopez... 4 stars

Arc provided for an honest review...

TJ and Sasha have been friends for years they banter often and there's always been a sexual tension between them. After TJ loses his job and is in need of a place to stay Sasha graciously offers him to stay with her. He agrees as long as they put a time frame on his stay which is 21 days. After a few nights of sexual tension between the both of them they decide to have a no strings attached relationship for the 21 days he is staying with her; deciding that after it's all done they will continue to be friends, no hurt feelings and just go back to the way they were. They also agreed that if either one of them starts to develop feelings or is becoming attached to the other one they would tell them and be open and honest about it. As the weeks go by and their time together is coming to an end their friends with benefits relationship is developing into something more. They've admitted their feelings to their friends but not to each other for fear of the other ones reaction.

I thought this was such a sweet story I loved both of the characters. I also enjoyed hearing about the group of friends we were introduced to in 8 weeks. It was nice to hear about them and see that Cal and Shelley have moved on together happily. I did however miss the banter between Sasha and TJ. I'm looking forward to Scott and Gaby's story.
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