Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wreaking Havoc by: Angel Steel...Is now Live!!

Wreaking Havoc

✩★✩★NOW LIVE★✩★✩★
That one single moment in life when you find that special someone, everything stops. Nothing else matters in life but them. You. Us together. That one single look. That one single touch. Night after night of pleasure, unexplainable raw, dirty and mind-blowing pleasure. A pleasure when you forget everything in this world around you exists but the both of you. Every single moment spent together is cherished as if it was your last time together.
Nothing in this world mattered more than us.
That’s what I thought.
In one single moment, it all comes crashing down around me.
I thought I had it all: love, trust, honesty. What a lie that was.
Secrets, deceit, pain, a whole lot of that. Everything was a lie. Our whole time together, nothing was real. My heart was torn from my chest, piece by piece, until nothing was left.
The day my life ended, when the world came crashing around my feet, was the day I said goodbye to Dante Davenport. He ruined everything. He destroyed me completely and obliterated my heart in the process. Life will never be the same again.
(Can be read as a standalone)
(NEW) Wreaking Havoc:

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