Saturday, June 4, 2016

Katy Regnery's top ten reasons to read/buy Dark Sexy Night.

1. Colton Lane. My growliest, sexiest hero yet, he’s so imperfect, and yet he longs so desperately for meaning and love under his cut abs and cheesy dinner-theater costume.
2. The Setting. Medieval dinner theater a la Medieval Times. I mean, come on. BEST SETTING EVER or what?!
3. Ryan Gwynn. My heroine’s special-needs brother is turning out to be one of my swooniest supporting characters ever. I am shocked by the reaction to Ryan, and almost start crying every time someone e-mails me about him because he’s modeled 100% after my own beloved brother.
4. It’s A Fundraiser. Did you know that? Yes! It is!! 25% of the net profits for all e-book sales in June and July 2016 will benefit the The Prospector Ridgefield, an amazing organization that offers special-needs people gainful employment. I am so PROUD to be giving back to this WONDERFUL local business.
5. Camelot. Knights? Princesses? Villains? Check. Check. Check.
6. The HOTTEST FIRST KISS I have ever written. Not kidding. It’s a good one.
7. The Vixen and the Vet. I have now lost count of the number of times early readers have compared this book’s feelz to Vixen. If you’ve read the other two books in this collection (Never Let You Go and Ginger’s Heart), you know that the angst in those two was off-the-charts, but this one goes back to my sweet-romance roots, and readers are LOVING it.
8. Rainy Sunday. Aren’t rainy Sundays the BEST time to read?! YES!! And guess what?! It’s going to be thunderstorms and rain on Sunday in Boston, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta (I checked on!) – basically the whole east coast of the US! Perfect reading weather, east coast friends!!
9. HOT Sunday. …and in Phoenix it’s going to be 116 degrees. So, get into the a/c with an awesome read!!
10. A Good Story. You guys? It’s a really good story. Dark, sexy dinner theater knight. Down-on-her-luck cashier in truly desperate straights. Two people searching for something sweet and good in a cold, lonely world and finding it with each other.

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