Monday, June 20, 2016

Cover Reveal! Redemption by: Samantha Harrington

Cover Reveal - Redemption: The Volkov Mafia Series book 4 by Samantha Harrington
Book - Redemption
Author - Samantha Harrington
Cover Model Stefan Northfield
Photographer Max Ellis
Cover Design Francessca Webster
Cover Reveal - 20th June
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Guilt eats away at your soul. Pride makes you foolish. I wanted to be more for her. 
Scared to try and petrified of failure. 
She came into my life showing more fight and courage than anyone I had ever meet. 
Through my wrong doings, she was saved! 

As time goes by, she brands herself on my heart. 
I have to walk away, I have to say goodbye. 
But having her once will never be enough. 
Redemption comes at a price and I'm just scared that's it's going to be Emma!
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