Friday, November 6, 2015

Review...Safe Distance by: Megan Green

Safe Distance

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Haylee Jordan is no stranger to heartbreak. Growing up, she quickly learned to fend for herself, and after a hellish night in high school, she knows the only way to keep her heart safe is to keep everybody else out.

Ryan Porter considers himself married to the military. After losing his father and brother at a young age and witnessing the subsequent downfall of his mother, Ryan has sworn off any semblance of love.

After Ryan helps Haylee out of a sticky situation, the two find themselves growing closer, but with Ryan's impending deployment and Haylee's trust issues, they vow to never let it become something more.

However, Ryan quickly finds himself falling for Haylee, and Haylee is unable to deny that Ryan makes her happier than she's been in a long time. Will the two of them be able to overcome their pasts and open their hearts? Or will they always be determined to keep everyone at a safe distance?

My Review:
4.5-5 stars!

Talk about a beautiful but heartbreaking story. I don't want to write too much and give anything away...we learn or at least sense early on that Haylee (h) has been hurt pretty bad. We are not sure what happened but it's something that closes her off from any type of relationship. She isn't interested in love or dating and she keeps her distance from most men. 

Ryan (H) and Haylee cross paths one night when he helps her out of a bind, and they develop an instant attraction. This is not insta-love though. They happen to run into each other again and form a close friendship from that point on. Ryan being in the military doesn't want anything serious either. Both Ryan and Haylee respect each other and value their friendship. They have feelings that intensify but they don't want to act on it. Will they be able to remain friends and keep each other at a distance? Or will their feelings get in the way?

What I loved about this book. The evolvement of their relationship; I saw it ,I felt it, and I loved it. The character development, everyone was so likable but not perfect. The realness, this happens and that's what makes a lot of the subjects that were touched in this book so heartbreaking.  The title, perfect. Oh yeah and a yummy military man. ;)

Yes this book is a bit of a tearjerker but it is heartwarming too. Great debut novel by Megan Green! I highly recommend. 
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About this author

I live in Utah with my incredibly supportive husband, Adam, and my ridiculously spoiled dog, Tucker. When I'm not writing, it's pretty much guaranteed you'll find me glued to a book. Safe Distance is my debut novel. Please feel free to email me at with any questions or comments. Thanks for reading!
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