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Review...Free to Fly by: Morgan Reeves

Free to Fly (Never Ever After #1) 
Our secrets define us.

I’ve run far to escape my past. Eight years and almost two thousand miles lie between me and the horror that consumes me. My life is a series of superficial relationships and closed doors designed to keep me safe. I will never let myself become the person I was. That girl is dead, and in her place is a woman who guards her inner self fiercely. I’m not going to let anyone breach those hard earned barriers. Not even him.

But when those secrets come home to roost, I have to decide what I’m willing to risk for my happily ever after. When the evil I left behind finds me, I have to choose. Will I succumb to the girl I was and crumble under the pressure? Or can I break the cycle and finally be free to fly?

My review: (ARC provided)
5 stars!

I had the privilege to beta read this novel and then read the Arc once it was complete. Morgan soared with her debut novel, I had a hard time putting it down.

Zoe (h) has had a very tough life, which has left her closed off to most relationships. She has the attitude of the stereotypical male, once and done. She doesn't want emotions or intimacy on a deep level. "No commitment just have fun," is basically her motto. She has a strong will and work ethic and is determined to get ahead in her career (architect) which is predominately male. 

Logan (H) a very successful and accomplished architect is looking for some assistance on a project. Zoe thinks she is the perfect person for the position, but will her lack of experience deter Logan from hiring her? If it's up to Zoe it won't and she is focused on getting it.

What Zoe and Logan don't expect is to find familiar faces staring back at each other. There is a chemistry between the two but Zoe won't risk her job or more importantly her heart. Will Zoe finally be able to free herself from the demons she's been hanging on to?

Like I said I loved this book, it grabbed me from the get go and I couldn't look away. I loved the connection between the characters. I loved the banter and sexual tension they had. It was an emotional journey at times a little raw, but all in all it was a terrific story.

I highly recommend.

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 Morgan Reeves

Morgan Reeves currently lives in the middle of Iowa, surrounded by lots of cornfields and people with a fanatic love for college football. Her heart, however, will always belong to California. She has two Minions to call her own and a husband who may or may not think she’s insane. Morgan loves to read romance in any genre, and she loves to chat books. She also loves Facebook, so feel free to stalk her at or add her as a friend on her personal page. She’d love to hear from you! Free to Fly is her first published book and is the first in a series of interconnected stand alones. 
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