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Review...501 Ways to Tie A Knot (book 3 in the Has-Been series)

501 Ways to Tie a Knot (Has-Been Series book 3) 


Being a submissive isn't easy. Being one of the BDSM community's most sought after ones that is willing to do, try, exhibit and teach anything…is even harder. Follow Levi as he takes his recently devastated friend, Rod, to Arizona to heal. Although you quickly learn he isn't there to just help Rod as this trip was already planned and is a necessity for Levi. He’s there to relax, re-group, and prepare himself for his next cross-country tour to showcase his talents as a male submissive. 501 Ways to Tie a Knot unravels the mystery that is the Amish born man, Levi Johnson, who fled rural Pennsylvania at eighteen to find more from life—to feed his hungry soul.

Levi discovers that everything in life comes at a price—especially when your heart and soul get involved. On the last stop of his tour in the infamous New Orleans, he’s faced with an impossible situation: two women have his attention—both are lying. What happens when Levi falls in love with one of them, and lusts for the other? When the shocking reality becomes too hard to handle, he begins to question his existence in its entirety. His tediously balanced world gets turned upside down. Will he accept the truth, or will what he’s always desired walk out of his life forever?

My Review (ARC provided)
4-4.5 stars!
I love this title! Clever!! ;)

Oh sweet sweet Levi (H). He's the quiet one the one people depend on but he needs to do something for himself. He feels lost, like he's missing something and wants to find it. He brings Rod (Stick Me Baby One More Time) to Arizona with him to unwind and help Rod heal. What he isn't expecting is to be instantly attracted to one of the woman (Leylah) at the retreat. They befriend each other making sure there are no expectations involved and soon are spending a lot of time together and getting to know one another.
Things happen lines are crossed and soon Levi finds himself alone and pining after Leylah (h). Their paths cross again while Levi is on business and soon he finds himself growing more and more attached to her. Will she except and understand his wants, his needs, and his lifestyle? Or will it be too much for her to handle? And to top it off Levi has a connection with someone else that is so strong his feelings for Leyla become a little jaded. He's confused and determined to explore both relationships. Will this ruin everything?

This book was really good. Kat and Kristen know how to throw in a good laugh but also write with a seriousness when it's needed. I don't know much about the BDSM community but it seemed to me they really did their research. There were some very steamy scenes as well as some disturbing ones but I think you needed that to get to the core of who Levi is. This book is a love triangle but not your typical one. I'll just leave it at that.

I really recommend this whole series; it's smart, sexy, funny and takes on a serious tone too.

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