Sunday, May 3, 2015

Review...Marrow by: Tarryn Fisher



In the Bone there is a house.

In the house there is a girl.

In the girl there is a darkness.

Margo is not like other girls. She lives in a derelict neighborhood called the Bone, in a cursed house, with her cursed mother, who hasn’t spoken to her in over two years. She lives her days feeling invisible. It’s not until she develops a friendship with her wheelchair-bound neighbor, Judah Grant, that things begin to change. When a neighborhood girl, seven-year-old Neveah Anthony, goes missing, Judah sets out to help Margo uncover what happened to her.

What Margo finds changes her, and with a new perspective on life, she’s determined to find evil and punish it–targeting rapists and child molesters, one by one.

But hunting evil is dangerous, and Margo risks losing everything, including her own soul.

My Review:
5 stars! (great cover)

Tarryn has such a niche for taking her readers on a journey of craziness and for messing with their heads. I find myself after reading her books wondering if I'm normal, rooting for the crazy people and craziness of her novels.  Each one of her books is so very different and you never know what to expect when you begin to read. Well she's done it again with Marrow. I can't stop thinking about that damn book. The whole time I was reading it and then after I finished I couldn't stop talking about it. I told my non reader friends, my husband and co-workers they had to read this. I want to talk and discuss it with people, find out their thoughts. 

I loved Margo and her crazy. This character spoke to me, I can't tell you how many times I've heard or read about horrific events and wish I could have done something about it. She was vindictive and took it upon herself to play god because she wanted to right the wrong. She wanted to rid the evil. Was Margo evil? I personally don't think so but that's another discussion all together. She is brought up in the bowels of her town (the Bone) and she has no parental figures, no direction, she fends for herself and one night she just snaps.

Judah-sweet, handsome, optimistic and wheel chair bound. Margo and him become very close and make plans for the future to get out of the Bone. Judah is the reason Margo can go on. Judah is the light to Margo's dark, he is everything that represents good. Well sometimes all things don't go as planned but Margo follows hers.

This is one hard book to review. I hate recapping a book like this because there is so much involved. I fear if I write too much it spoils it for the reader. Just know that Tarryn does not disappoint in this new novel, it's going to the top of my favorites list. She has outdone herself with this heroine and Margo may just be one of my favorites. When you finish it will leave you thinking for days and pondering Margo's head. I absolutely loved it!

I highly recommend!

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