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Macyn's Letter by: S.L. Stacker...Out Now! an interview and behind the scenes.

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Title: Macyn’s Letter (Book 1)
Series: Macyn McIntyre
Author: S.L. Stacker
Publisher: Booktrope Editions
Publication Date: May 21st
Cover Designer: Melody Barber
Genre: Romantic Suspense

A near-death experience at the hands of her husband would cause any woman to cling to her crippling trust issues and dating phobia, and Macyn McIntyre is no exception. Falling into the lap of a sexy stranger may persuade her to change her mind, but before Macyn realizes what’s happening, a second potential love interest is vying for her affections.
When a threatening letter turns up in her mailbox, Macyn realizes choosing between two guys is the least of her worries. Abduction, violence, and rescue by an elite squad change the course of her life forever. When she seeks revenge on those who hurt her, she has to decide if she can trust the ones who vow they love her.
Will Macyn be able to overcome her past and use their aid in her vendetta, or will she take matters into her own hands?

Behind the Scenes:
Macyn McIntyre and Devon Brady
How did the Macyn McIntyre Series, specifically Macyn’s Letter, come to be?
The idea for the Macyn McIntyre Series came about after I lost my job in the natural gas industry. When I wasn’t interviewing and taking care of my kids and family, I found myself spending a lot of time online searching for and reading free fiction blogs. I’ve always been a big reader, but because our family had lost my income, I couldn’t afford to buy books the way I had in the past. When I realized I was limited in my online reading, I decided I would start a fiction blog.

How did you decide on names for your H and h (Hero and Heroine)?
When I was pregnant with my first child, I searched thousands of baby names, whether online or in books. When I saw the female variation of Mason, I fell in love with the name. I decided at that moment, if my baby was a girl, I would name her Macyn. Surprisingly, she ended up being a he, and the name was shelved away for later use.
My second child was a girl, and I threw the name into the pot, but ultimately, my husband and I decided on another name, and once again, Macyn was shelved...permanently as this would be our last child.
Well, when I decided to start writing, I knew immediately this would be my new baby, and I would finally be able to use the name I had chosen so many years earlier. Macyn was born!
Devon...well, I would love to be able to say his I had a cool story on how his name was chosen, but I can’t. I did search online for men’s names, and his name stood out. In my mind, it fit well with Macyn.

Now that we know where the names came from, how did your Hero and heroine come about? How did you decided what type of characters they would be?
When I initially started writing, I was going to focus on Macyn and her husband, but from the start, it felt wrong. I knew I wanted her to have been married, but I didn’t want her to be married to him throughout the book. I wanted her to be with Devon. However, I also wanted Macyn to be weak at the beginning and indecisive. I wanted her to be dependent upon Devon, but then I wanted something to happen, like a light switch being flipped, and suddenly she’s this strong person.
As for Devon, I had a specific type of person in mind. I wanted him to be this laid back man who went along with almost anything. The type of man who would support his woman through anything, but a man who didn’t think twice about taking charge when he needed to.

What will happen with Macyn and Devon in the future?
Well, without giving anything away, they will each get what they’re searching for, but they may not get it in the manner they think it should happen.

What inspired you with your villain?
I watch way too much crime television. I took a little bit of everything and mixed it into him/her. To be honest, this particular character was the most fun to write. I found there were no limits.
S.L. Stacker Interview

  • Where did the idea for Macyn’s Letter come from?
·         I originally started writing Macyn’s Letter as a fiction blog in 2008, although it was simply named Macyn McIntyre. I had no direction when I started writing. All I did was write, and as the ideas came to me, I allowed my fingers to lead the way. I was surprised as much as my readers with each post.

  • What are you working on right now?
·         I’m currently working on a four book standalone series about four sisters who own a bar and moonlight as hitmen/assassins.

  • Have you ever had an imaginary friend?
·         Yes and no...My imaginary friend was Marsha Brady. My mom said I’d play with Marsha for hours under our kitchen table. I don’t remember playing with her, but I do know she was my favorite from the Brady Bunch...Marsha, Marsha, Marsha

  • How did you meet your husband?
·         My hubby and I worked together in the automotive field. We saw each other on a daily basis, but we never really spoke to each other. I actually first spoke with him at a club. I was out with my friends when I spotted him and his friends across the room. I made a beeline to him (with the help of some liquid courage) and talked with him for at least ten minutes before I disappeared for the night. I didn’t really talk to him again for about six months. We’ve now been together for ten years.

  • Are there any weird things you do when you are alone?
·         I dance around the house and chase my dog through the house. I sit a lot during the day because of writing, but when I do get up, I always try to move fast or add some type of little exercise. A little is better than none, right???

  • Do you have any tattoos?
·         I have three. The first is on my lower, right back, and I got it when I was stationed in San Diego while I was in the Navy. The second is a butterfly on my shoulder, and I also had it done when I lived in San Diego. The third is a butterfly on my ankle. I got it in Virginia on my 23rd birthday. It was my gift to myself.

  • What kind of music do you like?
·         I love almost anything from the 80’s. If I’m listening to music, it’s safe to say 95% of the time it will be something from the 80’s.

  • Do you dance?
·         I used to dance a lot in my twenties, but as I’ve had kids, I find we don’t have a chance to go out often, so my dancing has lessened. But I do dance around the house and with my kids.

  • If money were not a problem, what is one thing you would buy?
·         I would make sure my mom had a home and someone to help her take care of it.

  • What advice would you give others who have an interest in writing?

·         Don’t give up. It doesn’t matter what others think of your work. If you love writing, then write for you!

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