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Review...Caught Inside By: S. Briones Lim

Caught Inside


Even Riley Dillon’s lucky red shoes couldn't save her from the worst day imaginable—though they did act as great projectile against her cheating fiancé!

After finding her life in turmoil, Riley leaves New York and returns to her hometown of Mistcoast, California where she takes a job at the local surf shop owned by Blake Reynolds, who has certainly grown up a lot since high school.

Blake Reynolds is handsome, talented and driven. At twenty-four the blond haired, blue eyed surfer seemingly has it all: a booming business, hometown following—everything but the girl of his dreams. Luckily, fate decides to give him a second chance.

After ten years apart will Blake finally win Riley’s heart? Or will she continue to see him as the annoying freshman she used to tutor?

One thing’s for sure, only the California sun and surf can help decide.

My review
ARC provided for an honest review.

4 stars!

This was a sweet story. I love the title and how it pertained to the book.  

Riley (h) has good friends, good family, a good job and she thought a good fiance. She was living a good life in New York until everything took a turn for the worse in one day. After her day from hell she decides to take some time and move back to her home town.

Blake (H) is smart, charming, shy, and motivated...oh yeah and very attractive. Blake is also the smart ass, flirty freshman Riley used to tutor, but when things are looking down and Riley needs a job she may have to ask Blake for help. 

Blake was such a great character and stand up guy. He wasn't full of himself and had a little quirkiness to him. I love real H's. I also love that it was him with the lower self esteem and trust issues instead of Riley. Yeah she definitely had her issues too, but it was nice to see a little role reversal. I also liked the age difference being that she was a bit older but not more mature. In fact that was one of the cons I had with this book was that she was twenty eight and she seemed a lot younger to me. After thinking about it I thought we all mature differently or are mature in different ways, some are older souls which I felt Blake was and she still needed to find herself.  

I liked Blake and Riley's flirting and banter, I wanted to smack her a couple of times and tell her to open her eyes but she was scared. The build up was great and so was their chemistry. All in all a very good read.

I would recommend.

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About the author:

S. Briones Lim

Thanks to her Mom's unwavering devotion to read a bedtime story to her every single night throughout her childhood years, S. BRIONES LIM's love for books began before she could even speak. Author of the Life Force Trilogy, S. Briones Lim's other obsessions include time with family, POPCORN, sketching, movies and her dogs, Tobi and Roscoe. She currently lives on the East Coast with her husband and continues to write everyday.
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