Friday, December 12, 2014

Review...Get To Me by: Holly Hood

Get to me (8th Sin Series, #1)
3-3.5 stars!
Arc provided for an honest review.
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Savy has decided to go against everything her parents instilled and quit school to volunteer at a homeless shelter. After an accident 4 years ago and never hearing from her best friend again things have never been the same for her, she wants to make a difference.

Savy ends up running into her long lost friend (Ryker) and instead of picking up where they left off they decide on a sort of friends with benefits arrangement. Ryker is famous now a pro skateboarder who is never around. But they both want each other and have made an arrangement. Savy wants answers about Ryker's disappearance and why she never heard from him again. And why were her parents so mad about an accident? Why did they dislike Ryker so much?

Savy also doesn't want a boyfriend or commitment after being a victim of heartbreak. Will she be able to continue with Ryker without getting hurt? Or will she hurt him?

Jackson, Savy's new boss is not what she expected and he shows no hesitation in flirting with her to let her know what he wants. She lets him know about her arrangement, he is fine with it and so is Ryker. So let the love triangle begin. But is it really? Throw in a little plot twist and some mystery and this is on it's way to be a great series.

I love Holly Hoods writing and characters, I am a big fan of her Ink series (which I still need to finish), but what kept me from giving it more stars was the connection with the characters. And I believe that as the series goes on it will happen but it was a short story and I didn't get that connection between Savy and Ryker especially. I thought both Ryker and Jackson were pretty sweet too and I didn't see the alpha tendencies come out, (at least not yet) which confused me because of the title of the box set. I don't need to read about alpha males it just threw me off. Like I said though it's the beginning of the series so anything can happen and I'm looking forward to reading what does. Some questions are answered but you're still left guessing.

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