Sunday, August 24, 2014

Review...The Real McCoy by: Sheryl Leonard

The Real McCoy 2.5-3 stars...I'm really trying to get through my August Reading. I have two books left, I'm not sure I'll get to them but here is my review for this one which was gifted through Amazon.


Stephanie Hays, RN, has been infatuated with the handsome, well-respected Dr. Peter Granville since her days in nursing school. And now she has the good fortune of working alongside the ?Great Granville? in his hospital unit. There, she spends her days longing for precious scraps of his attention, even if they?re won only by her legendary clumsiness. Dr. Luke Carter is Granville's senior resident ? and a man who attracts women like ants to a picnic. But the only woman he wants is Stephanie, and she's blinded by her attraction to Granville. She fails to see him through Luke's eyes: as a cold, egocentric bully who?ll do anything to get to the top. Determined to make Stephanie realize the unsettling truth about her idol, Luke conceives a plot to reveal Granville for who he really is. Is this the ticket to winning Stephanie's heart at last?or will it drive her straight into Granville's arms?

This book is difficult for me to review. I liked the premise of the book and loved the (H) Luke but I really couldn't get into the (h) Stephanie's character at all. She was not likable to me and she's a clumsy nurse? I mean some people are clumsier than others but she was helping people, giving IV's and incubating but everything else she managed to spill or drop. Here is a quote: "If Steph hasn't hurt herself or someone else within twenty-four hours, it's been a good day." I just found that a little unbelievable because she was an  RN. And I'm actually getting a little sick of the clumsy heroine, it seems to be a common theme in romance novels.

I had a hard time understanding why Luke was so infatuated with Stephanie, I didn't feel the connection I guess.

Luke: "One day you walked onto the ward. It was as if you poured sunlight into my soul."

I actually wrote WHY? on my notes. Stephanie was kind of cruel to him when he always tried to help and make her smile. I do commend the author for this though not too often do you get the guy pining for the girl that's a bitch. I have to say she did warm up after awhile but it was a long time and 70% into the book there was still no (love) connection between H and h. I think I would have liked it better if I got more of Luke and his motives; got into his head to know why he loved Stephanie so much, what drew him to her.

Lastly one page jumped ahead six months I would have loved that to be the epilogue. I personally like an epilogue in the books I read.

I think the author had a great story but it was just lacking a little for me. More character description and a little more of Luke and I think I would have given it another star.

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