Friday, August 8, 2014

Review...Kill Devil Hills by: Sarah Darlington

4 stars! ARC provided by author. I've already posted blurb for cover reveal and blog tour, Click here for blurb so I won't re post.

Tate (h) tries to take her own life after the death of her brother (Ben). Noah (H) her older sister's (Ellie) best friend finds her just in time to save her life. Noah is considered family and has known Tate for years but he's always been quiet and closed off. Four months later Tate returns from a treatment facility and Noah can't seem to stay away from her. He wants to protect her and care for her but try to still maintain distance. Tate wants more and isn't hiding her attraction to Noah. Noah wants stable and secure.

Noah: "All I really knew is that the girl was a wild card. And I had a strict 'no wild cards policy.'"

What Noah didn't expect and soon begins to realize is that he wants and desires her too but didn't want to act upon it or upset the family. But soon they can't keep there new found attraction from each other and Noah and Tate begin to heal their wounds together.

This was such a sweet love story, not a whole lot of angst but it definitely pulls at your heartstrings. Ellie, oh my god I loved her and hope we get a book about her. She has this tough exterior but such a big heart, she was insightful and funny and just such a great secondary character.

Quote from Ellie: "It's good to have you home, kiddo. Did Mom make you want to slit your wrists all over again on the drive home?" This was just in the beginning of the book and she had so many other great remarks that continued on throughout.

I also loved how supportive Noah was of Georgie and understanding of the age difference between the two of them. He got it that she was only eighteen to his twenty four years and would still need to decide what she wanted to do about her future plans.

Noah: "There were things I wanted for her first. Like college. Or a career if she wanted."

I found that refreshing, in  a lot of other novels I've read the H expects the h to drop it all to be with him.

I just found this to be a very sweet, smart story of two broken people falling in love and helping each other heal. I'm excited to read the next book in the series. This series is a three book series featuring stories of different couples. (I vote for Ellie)

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