Monday, August 18, 2014

Review...One Lavender Ribbon by: Heather Burch

One Lavender Ribbon 3.5-4 stars! I received this book courtesy of the Kindle First program.

I sat on this book for a while and decided to use it for my August Reading, and I'm glad I did. This book was sweet and extremely fluffy (sometimes you need a little fluff). I've decided to add it to my Summer/beach reads, not necessarily because it was a fast read but just because it's the kind of book I picture myself or someone else reading by a pool or on a beach; not to mention it takes place in Florida.

This book is about getting a second chance at love.

Adrienne, recent divorcee moves from Chicago to Florida to start her life over and gain some independence. She buys a home to renovate and in her renovations she comes across a stack of letters written during the second World War. She becomes fascinated and obsessed with them and seeks out the people responsible for writing them.

Will has a tough exterior and wants to protect his grandfather (Pops) from his past. Adrienne comes into their life and really starts to stir things up to which Will is not happy about. He's used to calm, cool, and controlled, spontaneity is not his thing, everything needs to be planned. He is against this little intrusion in his life but the problem is, is that he is drawn to Adrienne like he has never been with any other woman. The two are constantly butting heads and Will's constantly telling her to butt out. She meddles and he can't stand it but they both want more from one another.

Will they be able to overcome Adrienne's need to meddle? And will Will's constant fear of  Pops past  keep surfacing or can he finally let go?

Will: "She was an outsider who had forced her way into our lives already recovering from one tragedy. Now she brought another."

This book was sweet, sweet, sweet. There were even a couple times I teared up a bit. No steam factor but definitely a couple of love connections.

Pops: Find someone to love and pour your heart and soul into it. (I loved Pops)
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