Monday, October 10, 2016

A small note/plea from Jasinda...How couldn't you love this title and cover?

This book is so sexy and fun and I absolutely love it. I really think you will too. I have it up as a preorder at iBooks for only $3.99!
Here's the stinky part: Several of the online retailers as well as Facebook have told me they have a problem with both the title and cover. Now, I could change them, but I honestly love both the title and cover for this book. So, I'm making a plea that you please help me get the word out about this one. I promise I'll do some fun giveaways here for you support. Jack and I always appreciate it so much.
Hope you all had a great weekend!
BADD MOTHERF*CKER will release on October 28th. It is book #1 in the Badd Brothers Series.
★ Genre: #RomanticComedy
★ Release: October 28
★ Cover created by: Okay Creations
★ Pre-order: iBooks: #Exclusive for $3.99
(Price will increase on release day)
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►►► SYNOPSIS ◄◄◄
Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, right? That’s what they say, at least. I went into that day hoping I’d get the happiest day of my life. What I got? The worst. I mean, you really can’t get any worse of a day without someone actually dying.
So…I may have gotten just a little drunk, and maybe just a tad impetuous…
And landed myself in a dive bar somewhere in Alaska, alone, still in my wedding dress, half-wasted and heart-broken.
Eight brothers, one bar.
Sounds like the beginning to a bad joke, yeah?
I kinda think so.
Wanna hear another joke? A girl walks into a bar, soaking wet and wearing a wedding dress.
I knew I shouldn’t have touched her. She was hammered, for one thing, and heartbroken for another. I’ve chased enough tail to know better. That kinda thing only leads to clinginess, and a clingy female is the last thing on this earth I need.
I got a bar needs running, and only me to run it—at least until my seven wayward brothers decide to show their asses up…
Then this chick walks in, fine as hell, wearing a soaked wedding dress that leaves little enough to the imagination—and I’ve got a hell of an imagination.
I knew I shouldn’t have touched her. Not so much as a finger, not even innocently.
But I did.

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