Friday, January 1, 2016

***Free*** Fight For You by: Charisse Spiers

Fight For You by Charisse Spiers

Ever wonder what a man so broken that he relies on control just to keep an internal balance between normal and Hell looks like ? Have you ever looked at a man that appears to have it all together and thought, I wonder what daily battles he faces? Have you ever judged a man that refuses to give any woman a second glance and assumed he was a manwhore?

Maybe deep down all he wants is to protect women from the torment he suffers within. Maybe he just hasn't met the one that calms his internal storm. Maybe he just needs to find the girl that makes him fight to let go of a past that haunts him. Or perhaps...he just needs to find the one that loves him when no one else ever has.

A man addicted to the fight, but not fighting for the right thing. Two different worlds, two broken hearts, two shaded pasts, two people just trying to cope through sex, but when their paths collide there is no turning back...

Two lives become one….

Note from the author: Intended for audiences 18+ due to content. Some sensitive material. Readers be advised. Some violence, much language, and erotic content. Not for the weak hearted.

 I really enjoyed this review
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