Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A giveaway from Layla Hagen! Here what she has to say...

Happy new year, and a giveaway. . .

Can't believe 2016 is here already :) I am very excited for the new year, and looking forward to all the challenges it will bring. 2015 brought me many joys, and I owe many of those to you, my dear readers. This is why I'd love to offer you a $100 Giftcard in a giveaway.

To enter, you have to click HERE, and on the page that opens click "Follow". 

In 1 week I will randomly draw a winner (my email program generates a list of those who entered) and email said winner.

Now, as you know, Your Irresistible Love (The Bennett Family, #1) will be released on the 15th!! Less than 2 weeks left, but I'm already nervous. I've always loved reading romance series about big families, and so I set out to write my own. I really hope you will love the Bennetts as much as I do.

Early reviews are starting to pour in and I am very happy about them (you can read some here). I am pasting two short excerpts from the book below, I hope you'll enjoy it. If you have any thoughts on it (or on anything else), I'd be happy to hear from you.  

 Excerpt 1
Without any warning, he lifts my legs, pulling my feet into his lap. I lose my balance and prop myself on my elbows on the bench. How did I end up on my back after only half a day with him?
“What are you doing?” I ask, as he gets rid of my flats. “Oh, foot massage.”
That’s exactly what I do, letting him work his magic hands on my tired feet in silence. Holy guacamole, this man in perfect. And off limits, unless I want to lose my job, which I can’t afford.
“You’re spoiling me,” I say.
“It makes you smile. I like your smile.”
“Sebastian. . .”
“Stop saying my name like that.” His voice has turned low and breathy.
“How am I saying it?”
“Like you’re begging me to stay away from you and kiss you at the same time.” I have no answer, so I look away from him. Even as I try to focus on the beautiful nature surrounding us, I feel my body succumbing to sinful sensations.
Excerpt 2
  I’m about to tell him I’ll see him on Monday, when a gust of wind rustles my dress. Sebastian’s eyes widen.
“You’re wearing lace underwear and expect me not to flirt?”
“You’re not supposed to see it,” I say, horrified.
“Who is supposed to see it?” he says with a growl.
I snap my gaze back to him. “What?”
“You said I’m not supposed to see it.” He places his hands on the hood of the car, trapping me between his mouthwatering biceps. “Who is, then? Who are you wearing lace for?” He’s jealous, and it’s unbelievably hot.
“Myself,” I say boldly. “Isn’t a girl allowed to do that?”
“Mmm, you’re not a girl. You’re a woman. A gorgeous one.”
“No, I’m not,” I say dismissively.
His brow furrows. “What?”
“Well, I’m okay, I guess. Pretty.”
“You are gorgeous. Just agree with me once, woman.” Leaning into me, he adds, “If you don’t, I’ll kiss you senseless.” “Okay.” I’m almost out of breath. “I agree with you.”
“See you tonight at the show.”
“You’re coming?” I ask.
“Yeah. What will you wear?”
“I bought a crazy fancy dress. I love it.”
He steps back, freeing me. As I step by him toward the building entrance, he says into my ear, “Wear lace underneath the dress tonight. It turns me on.”
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