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Hate can take you places.

Places far away from where you belong.

When Kendall is taken by Aunt Wanda she knows nothing will ever be okay again. Aunt Wanda is an evil woman that cares about nobody but herself. The only thing keeping Kendall alive is Aunt Wanda's hatred toward her mother. Once their life of crime goes from bad to even worse, Kendall realizes if things don't change, she will go down alongside her Aunt Wanda.
Mason, the one constant in her life of misery, believes that they can make a change, maybe even be happy if they just run.
They've been friends for a lifetime, he loves her and she knows it. But she doesn't know how to return those feelings.

Hate can turn you into a monster.

Hate can hurt the people you should care about.

They want to have a chance, but just aren't sure if people like them deserve one.

Love gets in the way.
Promises get broken.
Nothing is never the same again.

My Review: (Arc provided)
4 stars!

This was a unique story. I kind off didn't know who I wanted with who and who I did or didn't like. One minute I loved Mason (H) and the next I was yelling at him. Kendall (h) was a little more likable to me, I could never relate to what the two of them were going through but for some reason I related to her more. How do you come out of what they did, normal and happy? How do you go on with your life after everything you've seen and done at such a young age?

Mason and Kendall let the people that are suppose to be caring and providing for them manipulate them in some of the worse ways possible but they didn't know any better. They've known each other since they were children and now in their twenties they are still doing the same thing...running. Well it's their turn to run, run from the horrible people that raised them. Mason and Kendall juggle a lot together they care for each other deeply and want a normal life but neither know how to really make that happen. At times their relationship seems like a love/hate relationship almost like sibling rivalry when they argue or things aren't going their way, and then at times you feel the deeper connection and chemistry they have. I think that confuses them and most certainly confuses Kendall.

This book isn't a happy go lucky NA romance; it's gritty, raw, and emotional. I wanted to scream at both H and h on many occasions. I wanted to yell and scream at them to run, ask them what are you waiting for.  Most of all I wanted them happy and together to get the life they should of had. I wanted them to make it work.

If your looking for a fluffy sweet romance this isn't the book for you. I would recommend giving it a try though, it keeps you on your toes and definitely gets you thinking.

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