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Reveiw and Giveaway...Set In Stone by: Rachel Robinson


A standalone companion novel to the International Bestseller, CRAZY GOOD. Releasing April 9, 2015

There is something all too vague about second chances. What happens when your utterly perfect, first chance never really ends? What if it’s stolen?

Bull-nosed attorney Morganna Sterns knows what she wants. Self assured, powerful, and independent, she finds herself struggling to find balance between honoring what has been stolen, and deciding if her second chance is going to end just as tragically.

Steven Warner is a Navy SEAL with nothing to lose. His overt humor and charm paired with his lethal skill set make him a perfect catch--for the right type of woman. His world is littered with relationships, but only one stands the test of time. Competing with a ghost is hard. Especially when that ghost is a teammate: his brother at arms.

It’s not, “it is what it is.” It’s what you make it. What you, and only you decide it should be. Navy SEALs never make the same mistake twice.

Will Morganna?

*Due to sexual content and graphic language this book is intended for readers 18+*

My Review: (ARC provided)
5 stars!

I loved Morganna from Crazy Good she was such a unique character. I loved Stone too, so going into this book I felt conflicted. I wasn't sure what to think about Steve and it wasn't until this book and their history that I understood exactly what their relationship was. I love a friends to lovers story and their story was awesome! I went through so many emotions while reading this book. I understood both perspectives and felt for them. They had sizzling chemistry and the great thing is she had it with Stone too. You get to see little glimpses into her and Stones past and know what they had was real. I think tackling the subject of death and finding love again is a hard one and I've noticed in other books with the topic a lot of times the author justifies the second romance in some way. I think it's a way to help the reader to move onto the next love interest but in this book it's not justified it just is. Morganna struggles so much with it and she never speaks ill of her late husband or finds reasons why maybe she didn't love him as much as she thought. I guess that's what I'm trying to say, that I feel sometimes after a death the character tries to find fault in their past relationship and she didn't. To me that speaks volumes for a writer when they don't brush off the previous relationship as being not as significant as we readers may have thought.

We get little snidbits of Windsor and Maverick in this book but this is Steve and Morganna's story. I love this authors humor too, she really adds it just when you need it. 

Steve is known to bring light to anything but what happens when he needs it most? Steve is so in love with Morganna and has been for years but he let every opportunity slip by. Now its his turn, but will Morganna let him in? Morganna doesn't want to go through the pain and heartache she already has, she wants safe stability, but the person she wants isn't that. Will she be able to let go and be with him?

I just loved this book, loved the emotion, the characters and everything in between. Oh and there is a  letter at the end that just killed me (perfect). I feel honored to of had the privilege to read and review this book. I can't wait to read Rachel's next one.

I highly recommend!

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 About the author:

Rachel Robinson grew up in a small, quiet town full of loud talkers. Her words were always only loud on paper. She has been writing stories and creating characters for as long as she can remember. After living on the west coast for many years she recently moved to Virginia Beach, VA.

Crazy Good, her contemporary romance novel, is an International Amazon bestseller.

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