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An Author's Tale By: Ellie Keys...Out now! My Review!

Synopsis: Not everyone that dreams is dreaming good dreams. Being a romance author doesn’t always allow for the positive. Stephanie Daniels finds herself in a place that she never thought that she'd be. Everything was going her way. She had things all lined up. At least it had been until she'd gone away to a New York book signing. Meeting Daniel White, cover model extraordinaire, would have been the greatest thing had the events that followed the meeting NOT happened. If she were writing her own story, then she would just kill herself off. It would put her out of her misery and probably solve a lot of her problems. Life just had to get better, didn't it?

My Review (ARC provided)

This story started off really cute, it was humorous and immediately drew me in. I haven't quite read a book where the h meets a cover model. It was original and I loved the concept behind it. The book starts off with Stephanie (h) an up and coming author going to a signing in New York. She stumbles upon the H (Daniel White) who just so happens to be a very popular pick for romance covers. The h on the rounder curvier side has always fantasized about him but she doesn't think it will turn into reality. Who would want a plus size author when you could have a supermodel?

Daniel was kind of cocky but knows what he wants and he tries to get Stephanie, they banter, he gets under her skin but eventually he breaks her. The one thing about this book was the constant slapping Stephanie did to Daniel. Maybe it's just me but I don't think many men would tolerate that. Maybe once or twice but it seemed a bit much.

After a fun filled weekend they go their separate ways until something happens to reunite them. Daniel is a stand up guy, I really liked him. Stephanie got on my nerves at times and other times I loved her. Her friends were great and I found I liked her more in the beginning than the end. I won't say too much about that without spoiling it. This book does end in a cliffy so beware.
 This was a fun read that I would recommend.
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The Author Ellie Keys is a Mystery/Thriller and Romance author. The more diabolical the read the better. One of her pet peeves is being able to guess the ending before she gets there. She also enjoys reading all things romance, whether it's paranormal, mythological, mystery or contemporary doesn't matter. Her favorite things to do are mostly centered around books. Other pastimes are going to the movies, playing around on social media and she's addicted to word games: Scrabble, Text Twist, Wheel of Fortune. Cookie Jam and Bubble Witch have commandeered her free time lately. Ellie Keys is from Michigan and a graduate of Central Michigan University with a degree in psychology. This degree allows her acknowledge that she may be a little bit off because of all of the talk about hearing voices that don't allow her to sleep. The good thing about that is she is in good company. She was happy to learn that she wasn't alone when she talked to other authors. 

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