Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tapout (Wayward Fighters) by:J.C. Valentine book two

 4.5 stars! ARC provided

Tapout starts off where Knockout left us...Alyson is cringing trying to get through one of Jami's fights.

Jami is now training to be a heavyweight and Don is coming down on him pretty hard.Jami is determined to get in the ring with Tony Michaels.

After a lot of bad judgment calls and Alyson's naivety her actions begin to come crashing down on her and her excuses can not get her out of it. Jami hides something until the last minute from Alyson and she hides things from Jami.

Their relationship is put through the test especially with Don being a constant in Jami's life and not wanting to have anything to do with Alyson. Don is just flat out mean to her for no reason. Then Spencer gets over his head in something dangerous and they need Alyson and Olivia's help to get out of it.

 I thought this was a great conclusion to Jamison and Alyson's story.

***Spoiler below ***

 Don got me so angry at times and then he asked Jami to get money from Alyson for Spencer's debt like it was no big deal and still treated her like shit.

 My favorite quote from Jami to Don, "I don't pretend to understand this hatred you seem to have for Alyson, and I think I've been plenty patient waiting for you to pull your head out of your ass, but this stops. Now."

I wanted to scream, "Go Jami,it's about time!"

And don't get me started on Spencer...he had these great friends that pay back a loan shark and then he keeps the money and Jami is pretty much beaten within a inch of his life because of it. I'm glad Don redeemed himself somewhat at the end. 

I was pissed at Jami for walking out on Alyson and then showing up again like he didn't just stomp on her heart. I agree that she should have told Jami she lost her job but not even contacting her for a week was pretty harsh. There is a part in the book where they are talking things through and Jami says something about not liking having a girlfriend working in a bar. I wish Alyson would have retorted and said she didn't realize she was his girlfriend or something along those lines. He did apologize for his outburst though.

I would love to get a story about Spencer and Olivia because even though what Spencer did was terrible I think he can come out of this a good person.

Thanks to the author for providing me a copy of this book.
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