Thursday, June 26, 2014

Flat Out Celeste by:Jessica Park

5 fabulous stars!! I loooooved this book.
If you haven't read Flat Out Love I suggest doing so before reading this book.

Celeste is all grown up and a senior in high school, she's trying to decide what college to attend while still trying to overcome her awkwardness around people and in social situations. When Justin from Barton College in San Diego emails her and tries to propose his school to her they form an instant connection through emails.  He has his own quirks and she finds them adorable where others find them annoying. They soon meet and develop deep feelings for each other. While trying to manage a long distant relationship and their own insecurities a secret comes out about her brothers breakup and destroys everything. Will Celeste ever get over her issues? Is Justin the person to get her to come out of her shell?

*****slight spoiler*****

When I first read that Julie and Matt broke up I was devastated. I looked at my husband and said, "remember that book I read about the girl that carried around a cardboard cutout of her bother and how much I loved it?" He was like, "Yeah." I said they broke up, the H/h broke up NOOOOO!" He looks at me and rolls his eyes. So anyways I was extremely upset but became so wrapped up in Celeste and Justin that it was only in the back of my mind instead of the forefront as a thought it might be. I thought this book was so well written and there were so many quotes that I could copy and paste into this review but it would take me forever.  I loved the message of this book and their was a chapter where Justin is trying to explain to Celeste how boring the world would be is everyone were just clones. What is perceived as normal? Who sets these standards? I loved this chapter and it really made me think... Society has this preconceived notion about how everyone should talk, walk, dress, and act. Why who cares? How boring life would be if everyone did the exact same thing.

So besides being a great book with two HEA's it a great message as well!

Highly recommend!!!

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