Saturday, June 21, 2014

Beautiful Mess series by: T.K. Leigh

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I wanted to review these books as a series...4-4.5 stars!

Olivia doesn't do relationships or love, everyone she's loved in her life has died so she puts up walls to protect falling in love or even being in close relationships with friends. She has no memory of her past after her parents tragic accident.  She is left with a lot of money and is able to take off when ever she wants when things start getting tough. That's what she has been doing her whole adult life and the friends that she has are used to her running. What Olivia doesn't know is that she holds a secret that very dangerous people are after but she doesn't even know the secret herself because of her memory loss. The only memories she has are in her dreams...are they true? did they happen?

Alexander (Navy Seal) lost his best friend as a child in an accident and hasn't been able to get past it. He feels like she is out there still and in some sense still is looking for her. He visits her grave on the anniversary of her death every year. He also doesn't do relationships and just sleeps around. When Alex rescues Olivia from an attack he realizes just maybe he can let his past go and love again. When Alex finds out the truth about Olivia he starts keeping secrets from her thinking he can protect her from them and her past. 

This series was really good, I enjoyed every book. This is the kind of series that had my heart pounding in my chest. The kind of series that had me cursing out the H/h. By the last book I really wish Olivia would have gotten over running from Alex and Alex would have come clean. I do wish the author would have addressed the assaults on Kiera and Olivia instead of skimming over the after math of what they went through physically and mentally. That was really the only fault I found with this series and I enjoyed it as a whole.

Highly recommend.
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