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Blog tour! Vivid by: Jessica Wilde Released Oct 11...I loved this book!

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Merrick Thatcher went through a hell that no one could possibly imagine. He fought to protect his country, his family, and the men standing at his side, but it wasn't just being a soldier overseas that changed him. He watched his friends die in front of him, felt indescribable pain, and lost his sight in the very same moment.
Badly injured, blind, and angry, he's done with war, but now he’s fighting his own battle. So, he’s waiting for it to end, spending his days and nights in a thick darkness no light can penetrate. Until Grace walks into his life and his broken eyes open to a woman that changes everything for him. A story about two flawed souls finding love amidst the grief. A love that shines vividly, even in the dark, and discovering that sometimes being broken is how the light gets in.
For readers 18+ due to language, violence, and sexual situations
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Like many other foundations, the Special Operations Warrior Foundation provides assistance to injured soldiers as well as their families. SOWF also focuses on one of the most important challenges those families face; 'getting to their hospitalized loved ones as quickly as possible'. With grants immediately provided to the family, they can travel to be bedside with their loved one, especially for those crucial first days. SOWF also provides a scholarship program, family services (including clinical social workers, scholarship counselors, and family services counselors). With on-going support and helpful counseling to all families of fallen members in every branch of the military, they are able to help in all the ways that count. The SOWF was highly recommended to me by a recent veteran who served in Iraq. Therefore, I am thrilled to be able to help them in any way possible. Every little bit counts.
My Review: (ARC provided)
4.5 stars!

First I want to point out how wonderful I think it is that Jessica is donating fifty percent of her sales the fifteenth through the rest of  the month to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. I really loved this book, it made me feel good. Yes it's somewhat bittersweet at times but the message is beautiful.

Sometimes when I read I don't care for the H or h but still enjoy the book, well this wasn't the case, not at all. I loved the heroine, I want to be friends with her, she was a selfless person and truly good and kind. The hero although comes across unlikable I couldn't help but love him too. I had a soft spot for him from the beginning and knew there was more to his broodiness. I feel he had every right to be angry. He may have taken it out on the people he loved the most but that's reality; don't we all do that? This is such a heartwarming story and even though I knew where it was headed it didn't take anything away from me.

Merrick (H) has been to hell and back he's lost his sight, and is wheel chair bound for the time being. Grace (h) is broken herself, not fully healed and moving back home with her parents for a while. She is hired as Merrick's nurse, she's always had a crush on her neighbor and he's never seen her. Now that she's back and helping him heal literally and figuratively he wants nothing more than to be able to see her, but he's lost his chance. She soothes him with her voice and soon the relationship is headed into a territory Grace shouldn't go, being that he is her patient. Can they both heal? And will Grace risk her job to take the leap to be with Merrick?

I can't imagine what it would be like to go through what either one of them did. Jessica does a good job of capturing it and making me believe. This book isn't overly angsty or melodramatic. It's touching and I think very true to life of someone that had to go through this. The only thing I wished is for him to remember her. I wanted so bad for a memory to click or something to trigger it. This book was very well done and I commend Jessica on it, I'm sure it wasn't an easy one to write.

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Grace moved closer, shifting her body so she could reach my face more easily. She ended up practically standing between my legs, brushing up against my injured one whenever she rinsed off the razor.
"Take a breath, Merrick. I haven't cut you. Not yet," she chuckled.
I breathed in her sweet scent, my head swimming with arousal. She had no idea what she was doing to me. All those months shaving with a tiny mirror stuck to the wall in my CHU had been frustrating as hell. I couldn't see shit in that thing. Now I very literally couldn't see shit and she was in front of me smelling like she did, being as gentle as she was, and all those memories didn't seem like such a horrible thing.
Because now I was experiencing something even more torturous.
She positioned the razor under my nose and expertly removed the coarse hair above my lip. What would she do if I just leaned in and devoured her mouth? Would I miss her lips completely or would she meet me halfway?
She gently turned my face and started on the other side. I didn't think having her shave my face would be this intimate. In fact, I was planning on it being annoying as hell since I thought she wouldn't really know what she was doing. Asking my mother had been an option, but I didn't want her leaving Mitch either.
"Almost there. You need a haircut, too." Her voice was rough and sexy, and I had to hold back a groan when it sent blood rushing straight to my groin. "I can style it for you so it stays out of your face, but I'm no good with cutting hair."
"That sounds good," I replied. God, if she didn't finish soon, I was going to do something stupid.
She raised my chin and carefully shaved my neck. When her fingers stroked my skin to check for any areas she missed, I swallowed thickly and lost the battle completely.
My injured and stiff hand found her wrist, slowly pulling the razor away from my skin. Her gasp sent my semi-erection shooting straight up to painfully hard. The skin of her wrist was like silk under my fingers, the tiny bones so fragile. I worried that if I was too insistent, I would hurt her with just a touch.
"Merrick?" she breathed, her sweet breath caressing my chin.
"Grace ..."
I felt her racing pulse under my fingers and pulled her forward until I could feel the heat of her face so close to mine. I raised my other hand to her waist and made a cautious path up, until I gripped the back of her neck. She didn't struggle or protest, and I hoped her accelerated breaths were telling me that she was feeling the same intense pull I was.
My dry throat finally found the strength to speak, even if it was just a whisper. "I would give anything to be able to see you right now." I pulled her face closer, until the tip of her nose touched mine. The sound of the razor falling to the floor, briefly registered in my mind.
I live in Morgan, Utah with my husband, beautiful daughter, and a couple of spoiled pups. If I'm not deeply involved in writing my next book, then I'm probably reading in the safety and quiet of my closet. I love yoga – which I now practice regularly – playing hide and seek with my daughter (only to have my hiding spots revealed by one of the pups), and I love Fruit by the Foot, Twizzlers and Peace Tea. These are great ways to bribe me into revealing secrets about what's to come.
I have an unhealthy obsession with Supernatural, The Walking Dead, and The Big Bang Theory. I also enjoy talking about them, so if you like them, too, come find me.
Writing has become an enormous part of my life and every book I write holds a special place in my heart. If you read one of my books, I hope you have the same experience.
Author Jessica Wilde
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