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Review...Twisted Love (Twisted #2) by: R.C. Stephens

 Twisted Love (Twisted, #2)

 It’s always easy to say what one should have or could have done to change the events in their life, but what happens when it's too late? When the damage is already done? Do I just give up? It’s hard to see a way out when I am lost in a sea of pain and have to face the realization that a chain of bad choices put me in my present state.

I’ve always believed I was a fighter, but somewhere along the line I forgot that, I gave up, I broke down. But here’s the thing, I wanted to be better, I wanted another chance to do better.

Don’t you think I knew all along that Dylan was my light, my love? I did. But like I said love is twisted.

When someone falls victim to their worst nightmare do you catch them when they fall or do you turn your back on them? I know I shouldn’t question this, but Luc understood my inner turmoil. Two broken souls, our bond almost seemed unbreakable. Almost.

I’ve met obstacle after obstacle. It’s laughable that I thought the threat would end with Luc. The threat is real, the fear I feel when I look over my shoulder is all real.

I’m Alexis White and I’ve learned from my mistakes, the question is: will I be brave enough to give away my heart forever?

My Review: (Review copy provided by NetGalley)
4 stars!
Do not read if you haven't read Bitter Sweet Love
*slight spoilers* for Twisted Love

This book was quite the journey. I thought it wrapped up the story between Luc, Dylan, and Alexis well. The first book Bitter Sweet Love leaves you with quite the cliffhanger and I couldn't wait to dive into this to see how the rest of the story unfolds. It leaves us with Alexis in the hospital and she's in and out of consciousness. Luc makes an appearance and is filled with regret. Dylan is there with her by her side and protecting her. I loved Dylan! You definitely get to know him more in this book and he's a good guy that really wants to do right. Dylan has a past he's hidden from, from himself and from Alexis but he realizes he needs to come clean to pursue and have a relationship with Alexis. As for Luc I was so conflicted...and I think that's maybe what the author wanted. After he beat Alexis and she lost the baby I wouldn’t think she would be able to stand the sight of him but she forgave him and listened to his excuses. That bothered me but again I was torn as well. I just know I personally would never be able to look at the person let alone listen to excuses and be friends. Did Luc redeem himself? Ugh, that's really tough for me because I think some people may have thought so but what he did was horrific. As for Dylan I completely understand the demons he lived with.

The one thing that bothered me was the mother; I feel like she needed to repent more and was forgiven way too easy. I couldn't stand her and wanted to see karma come her way. Maybe I shouldn't say she was forgiven but I just think Alexis was way too easy on her. I would have loved a scene where she just tore into her. Or even had authorities talk to her and demand treatment, something...but overall I like how things ended. I'm happy Alexis was finally able to see the worth in herself.

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