Monday, August 24, 2015

Review and Promo! This Love by: Hilaria Alexander

This LoveBlurb:
Running off to Amsterdam is the best decision Ella ever made in her life. In just a few months, she’s been able to put her past behind and has found a new family and friends. She can almost ignore the voices in her head telling her this idyllic scenario is temporary.
When Lou Rivers shows up in Amsterdam, he’s the constant reminder of the life she led and the mistakes she made. As the two of them embark on an emotional and musical journey across Europe, Ella will have to face her own insecurities and make a decision that might break them apart forever.

My Review: (ARC provided)
5 stars!

This was such a sweet and heartwarming story. It was beautifully written and veered off the typical path that some romance novels take you.

Ella (h) is trying to find herself, she has moved far away from her family and the pressures they put on her. She thinks she made a good life for herself until she meets Lou (H). He has her questioning her decisions and tries to encourage her to find her way. Ella has a good support system in the friends she's met but it's up to her to decide her future.

"I needed him too, I wanted him with me at all times, but I had to find myself first; I knew I would never truly be myself with him and completely happy if I didn't at least try to be my own person first."

There were so many great parts in this book. It was humorous, smart, and beautiful. I didn't feel like it was rushed and really appreciated the build up to Lou and Ella's story. When I read a romance and certain situations come up (like an ex) I usually expect a whole lot of angst and jealousy and I'm okay with that, but when it doesn't happen it makes me really appreciate the writing and the story more. This is how I felt reading this book, there are many topics discussed or situations that arise but the author doesn't take the easy way out and I thought she handled those situations in a very unique way.

I think you'll find both the hero and heroine very likable along with the secondary characters. This is a book I would definitely recommend. It is very well done and a wonderful love story!

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And her first novel
Prudence Clearwater is a young adult writer facing the many changes of the industry and of the literary genre she's known for years. As she parts ways with her publishing company, she tries to rebuild her career with the help of Ben, a charming literary agent who might be looking for more than just a commission. As their friendship blooms, will Prudence accept to work with Ben, and will she be able to resist his charm?

About the author:
Hilaria Alexander 
Hilaria Alexander is the author of Prude. Born and raised in Italy, she studied English and Japanese at the Istituto Universitario Orientale in Naples, Italy and lived one year in Tokyo, Japan, as part of an exchange program. She lives in Oklahoma City with her husband and kids. When she isn't working, she is reading, catching up on TV shows and making up story-lines in her mind. She is a self-proclaimed concert addict.

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