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Review...Carnage series by: Lesley Jones ***slight spoilers if you haven't read book one***

Boxed Set Complete Carnage Series: Carnage #1&2

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Book One (The Story of Us) Synopsis:

I love him, from the instant I set eyes on him when I was just 11 years old I have loved him and nothing will ever change that, he owns me, he owns my heart and he owns my body and no matter how many lies are told, no matter how many people conspire to keep us apart, despite the fame and the distance, we will find a way.

"Georgia Rae, when we made love you used to cry" ... He waits for me to sing my bit. I try to swallow down a sob but I just end up singing through it...
"I said I love you like the stars above, I'll love you till I die"

Carnage is an edgy coming of age love story that breaks all the rules and transcends the decades. Georgia and Sean's story will stay with you long after you read the final word.
An emotional, smoking hot, gut wrenching read.

Book Two (The Story of Me) Synopsis:

 When your world, your life and all of your hopes and dreams for the future are ripped out from under you, how do you go on?

Death without dying is not only the most painful kind of death, it's also the most painful kind of life and I don't know if I'm strong enough to live it.

I spend my lonely days and nights trying to make sense of what my life has become. Do I have the strength to move forward into the light, or should I just let the darkness take me?

I'm Georgia Rae Layton McCarthy and this is the story of me, just me.

I'm no longer a part of an us, it's just me.

By myself

My Review: 5 heartbreaking, gut wrenching Stars!!

Where do I start? I think I felt every single emotion in this book and I mean really felt it. I prepared myself for this book for about a year before actually reading it. We meet our H and h early on when Georgia (h) is eleven and Sean (H) is thirteen. Sean is Marley's best friend who happens to be Georgia's brother. Sean essentially becomes family with hers, they vacation together, he practically lives at their home and he's in a band with her brother. Sean and Georgia from the day they met had a connection an undeniable attraction to each other. When they felt they could announce it to the family they became an inseparable pair until something ultimately rips them apart. 

Sean and Marley become famous and Georgia becomes depressed. Now I have said this before I don't have to like characters to like a book and I didn't care for Georgia not at first. The more I got to know her though the more I liked her. She made some terrible mistakes and she was very selfish but when I thought about why, I got it. I do not condone her big mistake though...ugh I was so pissed off.

These book take on about a 15 year span, we get to see how each of the characters grow, make mistakes, survive heartbreak and devastation.

The  life Georgia has to live after book one is absolutely horrific and I know if I had to endure what she did I don't know if I could survive it. In the beginning of the book when she got the flowers for her birthday and then read the letter from Sean I cried big fat ugly tears. When an author can pull that emotion from you with their writing than that's saying something. I kept telling myself this is fiction, these are not real people to help me get through this series. I missed Sean, I missed their relationship and I don't know if I was ready for Cam even though I kind of rooted for him in the beginning after what Sean did. But then in book two you get Sean's explanation of the incident and if I knew that I would have never wanted Cam in the picture. So deep down it was always Sean for me but I wanted Georgia to move on. Well she got to move on bittersweetly in the second book. 

I can't say enough about this series to even do it justice. It's hot, sexy, heartbreaking, and gut wrenchingly beautiful. I think at some point if you haven't read these you need to, just get the courage and go in prepared because it should be read. I love it and obviously highly recommend. Do it! ;)

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