Monday, February 2, 2015

Carnage by: Lesley Jones

Boxed Set Complete Carnage Series: Carnage #1&2

This isn't a review this is me starting book two and sitting on my review for book one because I really have no words. I am emotionally exhausted, gutted, and one hundred percent in love with this book. I've decided to review both of the books together because I dove right into the next one and I feel I would have had adequate time to write down my thoughts by the end. I didn't read this book when it came out because I had heard it was a tough one and honestly I was nervous to feel the feelings that this book would evoke, but I got a little push and now I know what people were talking about. I know now why it had to be read, so I'm on to book two and will be back with my reviews. Deep breath...
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