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Blog tour...Dragonflies Trilogy by: Samantha Fontien


Dragonflies Trilogy

Author: Samantha Fontien Book Blitz: Jan 26th Hosted By: SBB Promotions

The Duncan Peters Files (Book 1 in Dragonflies Trilogy)

Duncan Peters Cover


From the Author of ‘How to catch Butterflies’ books 1 & 2 comes the first book in the Dragonflies Trilogy.
Be prepared to read a story that will stay with you for the rest of your life.
Duncan Peters is not your typical Alpha CEO, Playboy - He is a good man with a painful past. - Ex Military (SAS) now a Senior Partner at ‘Blackcard’.
He is a natural born tactician with a license to kill….
We also met his naughty best friend, Rubin Miller, who he meets one night at a rowdy University weekend bender.
That night a friendship was made, that would last a lifetime…
Rubin Miller is a ladies’ man, through and through, with an immense appetite for life. But most of all he is a man of honor. He too joins the military serving by his friends’ side, through thick and thin. There is nothing these two men have not shared, women included.
Can these wild men ever be tamed?
* This book contains Drama, Heartache and Mature content, intended for readers 18+ *
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DP Teaser 2


My Review: Review copy provided

4-4.5 heartbreaking stars!

I had to sit of this one for a while before I could review it. It really had me messed up, but in a good way.
Gosh where do I begin? My emotions were all over the place with this book. Poor Duncan…couldn’t the guy get a break? This book starts off with Duncan being completely shattered and his best friend and essentially brother Rubin helps pick up the pieces and try to get him back together. This seems to be a common theme among the two. You get to see a friendship and bond grow between Duncan and Rubin and really get to know the two of them.
 Duncan throughout this book experiences pain and heartache that no one should ever have to endure. My heart literally broke for him on more than one occasion.  He was a good guy but by no means perfect he had his flaws just like anyone. When Duncan falls in love or loves he does it with every fiber of himself whether it comes to friends or family.
Yes this book is heartbreaking but Rubin his “playboy” best friend brings a lot of light to this book so it’s not like you’re crying constantly. And get out a fan or something to cool down because this book is hot hot hot. Wow does Samantha know how to write a sex scene.
I have to say towards to end I was getting very nervous and was like NO Duncan can’t go through anything else Samantha wouldn’t do that to us she’s not that sadistic? I was happy to not have to endure the heartache I thought I was going to.
This book follows Duncan’s life in the span of twenty years and you truly got to know who he was. It was well written and so very tragic; I fell in love with our Hero.
I recommend, but beware and grab a box of tissue because you’ll need them. Fall in love with Duncan like I did.

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The Rizzo Protocol (Book 2 in Dragonflies Trilogy)

Rizzo Cover


Feisty Rizzo is an elite ex hacker who loves to play games.
Now she is a senior executive for ‘Blackcard’ and Duncan Peters ‘eyes in the sky’.
With the world at her finger tips, she had what she would call an ‘uncomplicated love life’.
But all of that is set to change...
. Will an old flame or a new love, make her rethink her decision of choosing a career, before matters of the heart?
Rizzo will have to make choices... Will she make the right ones?
* This book contains Drama, Heartache and Mature content, intended for readers 18+ *
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Rizzo Teaser 1


 My Review: Review copy provided

5 stars!

I loved this book. It was hot, angsty, sweet, and fun! I love Rizzo, I love her strong fiesty attitude but her soft interior. So happy this wasn't as heartbreaking as the first and a little lighter. I did get scared for a minute there. This story primarily revolved around Rizzo, her job, love life (or lack there of) and her relationship with Duncan. Duncan still was a big part of the book and we still got to see glimpses of him and his future which made me happy, but it focused on Rizzo her new role in the office and her new hired security. 

Yummy yummy Fergal "Sharky" the new hired security for Rizzo, who just so happens to be Rizzo's first and only love. They are thrown together, he is always with her but she refuses to give in and let her past feelings resurface no matter how much she wants him. Refusing to let Duncan know their past they are forced to work together.

Will they be able to have a second chance at love? Probably not, not with a new client that makes it very difficult for Rizzo to resist. 

This book had me laughing, crying and jumping for joy. Just when you thought something was going to go down or someone was someone they weren't Samantha flips it and surprises you! 

I devoured this book in one day and finished it with a smile on my face.

The first book was wonderful and left me with a bittersweet feeling, so this second book was just what I needed. And I really think the author got that her readers might need that too.

I highly recommend.

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Cousins The Next Generation (Book 3 in Dragonflies Trilogy)

Cousins Cover  


Prepare for the end to the saga that is the ‘Peters family’…
Duncan Peters is not your typical Alpha CEO, Playboy.- He is a good man. - Ex Military (SAS) now a Senior Partner at ‘Blackcard’.
He is a natural born tactician with a license to kill….
Life has transformed quite considerably for Duncan Peters.
And change is very much in the cards for our hero...
We now find him out of his comfort zone, mentoring his two boys into men.
What will life have in store for the man who believes in taking Love, Friendship, Honour and Loyalty ‘above and beyond’...?
Can he deal with it all in his normal smooth fashion... or will life again deal him blows that he will never recover from?
This... IS the conclusion of
* This book contains Drama, Heartache and Mature content, intended for readers 18+ *
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TNG Teaser 1


 My Review: Review copy provided

4 stars!

What a journey Samantha has taken us on. The first few pages my stomach was in my throat. 

As life continues for Duncan, the boys (Noah and Alfie) grow and become a little rebellious, especially Noah. Wow did I dislike the boy/man he turned out to be...but just for a little while. ;) And just when he's pretty much done with the boys rebelliousness we get Elizabeth's (Lizzie's). We get glimpses of all their lives as they grow, mature and become adults with children of their own. 

My only con was I wish we got more. I wanted more of every single one of those kids life. I feel like I wanted to know them better. I feel like I was just getting into them as teenagers and young adults and then time fast forwarded. I do love Samantha's writing and the emotions she evokes while reading. One minute I was screaming at Duncan, ( I hate how he handled things with his godson) and the next I wanted to give him a big hug, that's also how I felt about Noah.

The end of this book was perfect, it had me in tears both happy and sad (bittersweet). By the end of this series I felt like I knew Duncan, like he was part of my family. I'm sad it's over and can't wait to read more of Samantha's work!

I highly recommend this series and as a whole give it 4.5-5stars!!
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Author Bio

Samantha Fontien

I’m a Happily Married, MUM of two. I LOVE Music… I should do as I am the daughter of Musicians; I was reared with a Guitar in one hand and a pen in the other.

Fun Facts

I only wear one perfume.
I'm a huge Titanic buff; seriously, I could do a Degree in it.
My favorite museum is London's Natural History Museum. I could spend a whole day there quite happily.
My Dad was in the RAF and was a huge Military buff, so that’s where I get all my military knowledge and interest... Years of conditioning bahahaha.
I named our puppy Rubin after a character in one of my books.

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